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Haliimaile, where is it and what is there to do? 12

Haliimaile Maui may be a small island and whether you’re there for a few days or a few months, it has a lot to offer to keep you busy. One of our favourite things to do is to spend a morning or afternoon discovering a neighbourhood or area. On this […]

Haliimaile General Store

6 Unique Things to Do in Pittsburgh   Recently updated !

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tends to evoke misconceptions and stereotypes. Some people still think of it as still being a smoggy industrial town on the rust belt, or home of the most crazy sports fans, or a place full of rednecks with funny “Pittsburghese” accents, always in the shadow of Philadelphia. But […]

Train trip to Seattle

I can’t spell at all. My mother is a wonderful speller, or at least so she says. Its not often you get to verify that particular boast from a parent – not often I edit her writing and its pretty easy to spell most everything you are ever going to get in a greeting card. Nonetheless, I’ll give her credit for it (like her claim that she’s never gotten a speeding ticket) and move on. I’m not one to begrudge someone from a little occasional boasting.