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Haliimaile, where is it and what is there to do? 12

Haliimaile Maui may be a small island and whether you’re there for a few days or a few months, it has a lot to offer to keep you busy. One of our favourite things to do is to spend a morning or afternoon discovering a neighbourhood or area. On this […]

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3 Hidden Gems in 3 Popular US Cities 2   Recently updated !

When thinking about travel in the Unites States, what major cities are the first to come to mind? Maybe you initially think of the Big Apple or the sunny Californian coast or travel from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, the largest city in the state of New Mexico. Maybe your mind […]

6 Unique Things to Do in Pittsburgh 25

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tends to evoke misconceptions and stereotypes. Some people still think of it as still being a smoggy industrial town on the rust belt, or home of the most crazy sports fans, or a place full of rednecks with funny “Pittsburghese” accents, always in the shadow of Philadelphia. But […]