VIdeo of the Day: Wellington Sevens 1

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One of the incredibly fun events I was able to stumble across on my trip was the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament. It is an international tournament of seven-man rugby teams. The great thing, aside from the action, is that almost all the fans show up in full costume. Incredible party weekend.

My blogs about it are here:

Heard and Seen – with great pics — First blog on Wellington Sevens

More Heard… Second Blog on Wellington Sevens

and another of the full band outside the stadium, in costume of course:

and here is a short video of some of the party in the harbour:

New Zealand is also one of the places in the world that you should consider for all inclusive packages. It is a pretty expensive place to travel around in, so if you can get a cheap deal to do everything all up at once, air fare, local transport, and lodging, plus food and drink, if you are lucky, than this is a place you need to consider doing it. But regardless of how you get there — just get there!

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