London in the Movies

For movie buff that like to travel there may be no greater location outside of Hollywood than London, England. The city has a long and rich cinematic history. There are many famous locations around London that have used in film. London is also a very popular city as a location for period pieces as well due to the attempts made the city to restore old buildings with their original charm instead of just knocking them down and building something new.

Many films set in the Victorian period have been set in London, England. It is also a popular setting for films set in the swinging sixties and for horror movies and thrillers as well because of its ancient Gothic architecture. Stay in a cheap London hotel for a comfortable visit on your start crossed search, especially if you want to book via

For those muggles out there that want to experience some of the locations that were used in the Harry Potter films there are a bevy of options around the great city. You may remember the triple-decker bus that picked up Harry and careened around the city taking him to the Leaky Cauldron. That entire trip was taken along real streets located in England. It takes streets all over North London including Park Avenue. It might be fun to take a little trip that outlines this route taken in the movie if you are a big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies.

london Fire Tree from harry potter

Fire Tree of Park Avenue in Harry potter, photo by: Becki Bartlett

One cinema classic that was filmed in London is Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. The movie was filmed almost entirely in London which is the setting of the film as well. You may remember the scene in the movie commonly called “The Attack Of the Tramp” that scene was filmed in a underpass of the subway underneath Trinity Road and Swandon Way. There are many other locations in London in which that film was shot. An interesting fact about the film is that Stanley Kubrick refused to allow the film to be shown in the country of England after it was released.

One of the most popular movie/book series to come out in the last 20 years, The Da Vinci Code had many scenes shot in England. The story is based on a detective using clues from the humanities to solve a crime. Since London has such a rich and cultured artistic history it can only be assumed that some scenes from the movie would need to be set there. One of the locations in the movie Temple Church, is based in London and features in the scene where Langdon realises they are in the wrong location on their historic quest. This church is a popular tourist attraction now offering tours about the church and the Da Vinci code.

london's temple church

Photo by: Plain Pixel

When talking about film locations in London it is not complete without at some point discussing the Bond films. They are a major part of British cinema and James Bond is one of the most recognizable characters in all of film. The story lines of most of the Bond films are set in England at some point and there are many locations around London in which the film was shot.

james bond headquarters MI6

Secret service building inVauxhall London James Bonds head quarters. Photo By: Steve Cadman

London’s film history is as long and storied as its actual history. It has been used in historical films like recreations of works by Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare to thrillers like the Alfred Hitchcock film “Blackmail” to romantic comedies. It seems that every style of film possible has either been shot it or set in London, England. The cities beautiful landscape and rich history lend itself to that quite nicely.

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