Soggy days in Dublin are still camera-worthy 13

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After our BlogHouse event in the southern part of Ireland, I went back up to Dublin to hang out, get some work done, and also have the chance to see some of my good blogging friends at a travel blogging conference that going on conveniently right there in town.

Dublin is a great little city. The population is about half a million, which seems small for a capital city. It is an easy town to walk around and just feels to me like a comfortable shoe feels on my foot.

Hopefully a waterproof shoe.

I’ve done Dublin three times now and though I do really like it, next time I head back to Ireland, I need to make sure to get out and experience the wide variety that is on display there. Time to get out of my Dublin comfort zone and see more of the Emerald Island.

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few of my photos from my very brief stay there this time.


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I am trying to hit 5,000 Instagram followers by the end of the year and am only at about 3,500, so I’ve got a ways to go in my goal. Thanks so much!

guinness beer in black and white

I don’t know what you think about when you think Ireland, but me…

rural train station in southern ireland

The train station coming back from BlogHouse

trinity college statute in hdr

Another one of my funky Instagram photo efforts, this from Trinity College

sunset over the Liffey river in dublin

Sunset over the Liffey River in Dublin

shopping mall inside in Dublin

I just loved the inside of this shopping mall

Like I said, I wasn’t the only blogger in town that week. My very good friend and business partner, Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic, took a bunch of photos that can be found here. She even took some non-food photographs!


While in Dublin, we were fortunate to have our lodging taken care of by Citybase serviced apartments. One bonus to having an apartment, over some of the other options I have stayed at in the past, is simply the ability to spread out your things and relax. I got a good bit of work done there and I owe a good bit of thanks to Citybase for sponsoring our stay and allowing that to happen.

The apartment was a two bedroom place that I was sharing with Pete and Dalene of Hecktic Travels and Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic so… I got the couch. LOL.

But that being said, I liked it so much that Ayngelina and I tried to rent another one of their places for the extra few days we were in Dublin, but alas, they were all booked up. Popular in this case does mean good, in my opinion.

citybase apartment in dublin living room

My work area… and bedroom 😉

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13 thoughts on “Soggy days in Dublin are still camera-worthy

  • Liisa

    Hi Michael,

    your pictures make me feel “home”-sick! I’m nor from Ireland but I was living in Dublin for two years. Right now I’m spending my days in Finland doing voluntary work on a husky farm way up north. It’s amazing up here but I’m still missing Dublin and can’t wait to get back there, soon.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Liisa, I got to spend just a brief bit of time at a husky farm in Finland in February. Love dogs and really loved dog sledding. So much fun.

      And I don’t envy you in the next few months up there! Stay warm.

  • Carmen

    Awesome photos – especially the one of the statue. Will follow you now on Instagram. Feel free to follow us too @ doublebarrelledtravel 🙂

  • Rosemarie

    Oh the photo taken at Trinity College is amazing! The background is an Instagram effect?? Never knew that was possible…. beautiful photography!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Rosemary, it was an accident. I was using an HDR photo app, so as it was taking the 3 pictures that it merges together, I accidentally moved the phone way down between a couple of the pics and it merged them all up into that mismash. But, I kinda liked it.

  • Derek Cullen

    Actually St Stephens Green shopping centre I’ve never really liked – I think more so because the shops in there are not the best. BUT I have to say, this particular picture still made me feel homesick

    In saying that Michael, I’m finding anything can make me homesick while cycling across Africa lol – thanks for the pics

    Don’t get me started on how much I’d enjoy a Guinness!!


    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Derek, it did seem that the shops there weren’t that great, but I sure did love the way the lines came together in the roof there.

      Have fun in Africa. My favorite continent for sure.

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