Planning Your Visit To The Great Beach Resorts Of The Adriatic Coast

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Located in the North East of Italy, the Adriatic Coast is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, where you will find wonderful beaches and charming towns that are ideal destinations for those looking for a relaxing European break. While some of the most famous destinations such as Venice have been drawing the crowds for a very long time, you will also find some smaller places that offer a more authentic view of the region. Food, nightlife and beaches also add to the overall package on offer during your visit, while there is also some great wine produced in the region.

venice canals

Where To Stay On The Adriatic Coast

Venice is the classic destination in the area, with the settlements built on a series of islands where the main areas are connected by canal, where the iconic trip with a singing gondolier is a romantic, but relatively expensive experience. Another of the popular seaside towns is Bibione, and here you will find that there are great options for your beach stay, while there are plenty of activities and sports for children and families to enjoy. Lignano is another charming small town in the area, where the iconic pier stretches out into the ocean, with a lovely restaurant at the end of the pier.

Finding Accommodation In The Region

There are plenty of options available if you are looking to find some attractive accommodation in the area, and one of the experts, particularly in Lignano and Bibione is the Europa Tourist Group, which offers a range of hotels and other accommodation. There is a 17 km long golden sand beach in Bibione and Lignano, and ET Group is the company responsible for holiday activities and property investments in both these locations.The range of different options available is also very good, so whether you are looking for budget hotel rooms or luxurious suites with all of the facilities you might expect at the top hotels, you are bound to find something to meet your needs.

Traveling To North East Italy

When it comes to flying into the area, Marco Polo Airport near Venice is the largest in the region, while you can also enjoy budget flights into Treviso airport, with airlines such as Ryanair and Wizzair offering bargain tickets and connections to other great coastal areas like Mallorca. Train and bus services are also available with lines connecting the area with cities across the country, while there are overnight trains connecting the area with Moscow, Kiev, Paris and Munich among the many excellent international transport connections that the area enjoys.

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