Preparing Your Taste Buds For Dining On Your Travel Destinations’ Traditional Dishes

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Everyone has their own list of places they long to visit and explore. Some may be able to travel at will, while others have to spend more time on the planning and saving before making their dream destination a reality. While you wait patiently until your ducks are in a row, there are experiences you can indulge in to recreate what is to come on your future journeys.

While you wait for the journey to begin, there’s nothing like some good food and atmosphere to stir the foreign flavors for which you yearn. When you’re prepping a trip to one of these five great travel destinations, their local dishes (which, in the unlikely event that you can’t find a restaurant nearby, you can almost certainly make on your own) will give you the satisfaction you need in the meantime.

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Phuket, Thailand

Your pending trip to Phuket holds many adventures in store, from white sandy beaches to majestic elephant rides. Since you can’t replicate those aspects in your home, bring traditional dishes into your evenings out to get the travel bug wriggling. A sweet and spicy pad Thai, tom yum soup and a variety of other exquisite Thai cuisines will leave you spoilt for choice and daydreaming about the holiday ahead.

Venice, Italy

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a group tour or an adventure just for you, Venice has everything from gorgeous sites to hearty dishes. A warm serving of polenta, a seafood risotto or steaming gnocchi will transport you to a warm evening beside the canals. And to end of the perfect Italian meal, you can add a side of tiramisu to sweeten things up.

Tokyo, Japan

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When you think of Japanese food, you probably think of sushi first. But this rich culture has many interesting dishes to offer other than the usual Friday night sushi you’re already used to. Your options range from ramen noodles, overflowing with meat or vegetables, to deep-fried tempura prawns and yakitori, the Japanese version of brochette.

Dubai, UAE

There are so many great places to visit in Dubai. The sites, markets, materials and shopping centers should certainly be on your to-do list what makes this destination even better is the endless array of options in its unique cuisine. Savour the goodness of falafel, baba ganoush, kebabs and more. You can whip these meals up yourself or buy them – either way, you’ll channel the energy of anticipation for your travels.

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Barcelona, Spain

The cuisine in Spain is the envy of many countries and when you’re preparing for a trip to Barcelona, sampling the traditional dishes is the biggest favor you can do yourself until you get to experience the real thing. Like your other dream destinations, these foods have a long history and are part of the culture. Seafood paella is a fine dish to make at home, but empanadas, tortillas and crema catalana will all bring you the spirit of Spanish fiesta that’s waiting for you on the Iberian Peninsula.

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