3 Reasons To Visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast

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Most travelers to Italy go straight to Rome, Venice, and Florence. These are certainly cities that you must see at some point in your life. However, they are far from all that Italy has to offer. Italy has some of the most varying, beautiful destinations in the world. They don’t necessarily have the same political and religious history as Rome, for example, but they do have their own cultural significance and charms.

One of the most magnificent parts of Italy is the Amalfi Coast. This 50 kilometer stretch seems to hoard so much of Europe’s splendor. It is the ideal location for a vacation that includes relaxation and adventure, as well as some truly quaint towns. Book your ferry tickets for your time on the coast, so that you can relax while taking the views in from the sea.

Here are 3 reasons to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

The beaches

The most obvious draw of the Amalfi Coast is the beauty of its beaches. It has a number of stunning beaches with different aesthetics. Castiglione di Ravello Beach is a tiny, hidden gem with clear blue waters and a relatively good amount of space in which you can comfortably lie. Considering the beaches on the Amalfi Coast are generally quite rocky, you’ll be grateful for this spot!

Positano, Italy

Positano Beach, on the other hand, is crowded but vibrant. The ground is not that comfortable, but you can get a beach chair for the day and blissfully soak up the sun. Fiordo di Furore is rocky and small, and not particularly practical for a relaxing afternoon, but it is in a gorge which undercuts the mountain and is truly spectacular.

The towns

If you love quaint European towns, then the Amalfi Coast will tick all your boxes. Once again, there is something for everyone. The

itself is magnetic, with its gleaming white buildings and long history. Being more flat, it is easier to traverse, as compared to some of the steeper towns. Positano is another popular destination – a fishing town with cool restaurants and establishments.

Visit Minori, on the other hand, if you want a less crowded experience. You’ll have an even more relaxing time in Cetara, a sleepy fishing village. It’s what Positano would have been a few years back.


Relax (or don’t!)

The Amalfi Coast is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation. You don’t have to deal with crowds if you avoid certain spots, and you need not worry about ticking historical sites off your bucket list. One of the best ways to see the coast itself is on the sea itself. You can relax on a boat as the beauty passes you by.

On the other hand, you can find plenty to do as soon as you get bored. Many people have an idealistic idea of what they want from a relaxing vacation, only to find that they need something more to keep them interested. The Amalfi Coast is great because there really is a lot to do. You can have two very different kinds of vacations. Whereas in a city like Rome, you are going to be in the hustle bustle most of the time, here you can wander where your instincts take you.

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