Stuck in Sudan Desert on an Overland Truck (Video) 2

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at one point on our four day desert odyssey in Sudan, our driver decided to take a route that was a bit off the main road. According to his GPS directions, we were supposed to hug close to the rail line between Khartoum and Wadi Haffi.

Problem was that he decided to stick a little too close. The road went off to the left and he decided to just stick ahead and stay on the rail line. Literally, on the rail line. Well, we rode next to it for a bit, but then he had to get up on it to avoid a big washed out area.

And shortly after we got on it — the right of it collapsed underneath us. Almost flipped the truck over. It was slightly scary, but worked out OK.

This is the video of the other overland truck getting us out of our jam. Saving our asses and getting us back on the road.

getting to see these Sudanese pyramids was a highlight in this area — this day was… interesting.

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