Sudan’s Meroe Pyramids 4

meroe pyramids in Sudan
From Sudan
meroe pyramids in sudan
From Sudan
michael hodson stepping on someone in sudan desert
From Sudan

Sudan was one of the most interesting countries I visited on my RTW trip — and a passport stamp I am quite proud of. It is not visited by many tourists, but is well worth a stop, if you get in the area.

There are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt…. and about 1% of the tourists. Enjoy the desert and the Meroe Pyramids.

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I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

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