Cambodia meeting with John McDermott

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I do not remember how I originally heard about this person, but there is a fellow Arkansan living near Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  A guy named John McDermott, who is a professional photographer.  I am getting within a couple weeks of there and remembered reading about his stuff at some point.  Google to the rescue.

I found his website easily — here is John McDermott’s photography website

Emailed him and asked if he was still in the area and would like to meet for a drink.  He replied inside the hour.  And a couple of Arkies are going to get a beer or three near Angkor Wat and I’m going to pick his brain on living in SE Asia and photography.  Pretty excited about it.

Go check out his pictures.  They are pretty wonderful.

Postscript: Met John and had a great time.  Truly wonderful guy.  One of the many reasons I will be back in this part of the world is to have a few beers with him.

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