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5 best places to visit in the Dominican RepublicDominican Republic is a very fine spot for adventures. This country offers extremely nice beaches and has very rich cultures that can surely enough to complete a wonderful Dominican Republic travel experience. And to give ideas on the best places to visit, here are the top 5.

1.     Santo Domingo: The Zona Colonial

This Dominican Republic tourist spot is regarded as the historic centre of Santo Domingo. It was composed of old colonial buildings that include the famous cathedral. Many people believed that while walking on Calle de las Damas is like reconstructing those footsteps of the first Spanish explorers who reached the place. The place is surrounded with many restaurants, cafes and shops. Probably, the only setback of reaching this place is that there are no museums, it will still worth your time viewing the spots of the Zona Colonial.

2. Costa del Coco

Known as “Coconut Coast” in American, this tourist spot provides one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although, some parts are wild, these beaches are great for travel adventures. It will bring a very different experience to any tourist that will try to challenge the waves. Along the sea shores are villas and luxury hotels that provides high quality type of accommodations to its visitors, as well as offering the best locations that overlooks the sea horizon.

3. Sto. Domingo: The Modern City

Aside from the “old beauties” of the Zona Colonial, Sto. Domingo has also its Modern City to lure many travellers. It offers its numbers of museums that contains their rich history. The rivers and coastlines that is surely pleasant to the eyes. And those fascinating spots that was shaped by the Caribbean and Spanish explorers from the “old” centuries. Indeed, this Modern City has a lot to offer. Worth the time for a long stay.

4. Constanza & “The Dominican Alps”

This spot is likely a hidden paradise inside the Dominican Republic. Lined with parks and streams and valleys, it was a very excellent place for travel adventures. Its climate can produce those delicious strawberries and other winter crops. Tourists can see those hanging and very tall pine trees that were just enough to improve the place. This place is where also the Pico Duarte, highest mountain in the Caribbean, stands.
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5. Santiago

A very historic city in the country of Dominican Republic. Many would say that this city is richer than its country’s capital city. Well, looking it deeply. Many millionaires are residing on this city and they owe it from their very much productive sugar and tobacco industry. Other than that, it is where also the well-known landmark, Monument to the Heroes, live in.

There is no doubt that this country, Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the world that offers paradise. It contains a natural beauty that few countries only possessed. It was a place that everyone can call it a dream land. It was a perfect place for anyone. And it was a place that should never waste your stay when you are on holiday.

5 best places to visit in the Dominican Republic 5 best places to visit in the Dominican Republic

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