Great Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a famous for making extravagant buildings and landmarks as any Dubai expert will tell you. It has built the tallest skyscraper, the largest mall, and a 7-star hotel. It’s certainly not going to be a bore to visit, it might even be overwhelming. Dubai is no where near resting, as of the moment there are a lot of projects going on to finish some man-made islands and of course, more buildings. Here are just some of the activities you might want to try out and places you’ll want to see.

1. Experience fine dining

Several of Dubai’s restaurants offer European cuisine, extravagant seafood and fusions. You might want to try out Gary Rhodes’ Mezzanine, restaurant by Michelin Star celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes where the food served is mostly British with a bit of French. Find it at Mezzanine level, Tower One. Another famous restaurant is Indego by Vineet Bhatia, another famous chef. Indego has a terrace fit for the romantics and comfortable chairs that you will certainly appreciate. You’d want to eat there at night when the starts are out. They serve tapas such as Sun-Dried Tomato-Basil Chicken Tikka, Goat Cheese ‘Potli’, and Chilli-Lime Scallops.

2. Go shopping at the world’s largest mall

Over 12 million square feet, Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall, includes around 1,200 shops. You’ll definitely have to see it for yourself to believe it. Not only that, you’ll find the gigantic Dubai Aquarium – which is excellent if you have a mind to print postcards for souvenir, and Discovery Centre inside the mall which is worth going to. This mall even has a Dubai Ice Rink which has a top-class facility and some Learn-to-Skate programs. You will also be able to see SEGA’s first indoor theme park on the second floor. The SEGA theme park is dedicated mostly to one of SEGA’s most known characters, Sonic the Hedgehog and features around 150 amusement games.

3. See the 7-star Burj Al Arab

Famous all around the globe as the only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab is of course costly. If you want to explore the insides of this hotel, you’ll have to book a table at one of their restaurants which is quite costly itself. You can choose from: Al Mahara (a fish restaurant), Sahn Eddar, Majlis al Bahar or Al Muntaha.

4. Go skiing at the Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of The Emirates offers Ski Dubai, a huge skiing rink at 1,500 feet where you can ski on real snow indoors. You can also go snowboarding or even just play with the snow! The Ski Dubai was made to look like a snowy mountain so if you wanted to, you could go on a chairlift or roll down in the Giant ball run.

5. Experience the desert

A day in the dunes offers you being around other tourists riding jeeps while the sand flows freely. There are several tours around Dubai that will take you out on to the desert to show you magnificent sand landscapes. Other activities that you might enjoy are sand surfing and hot air balloon flights.

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