The Top Attractions To Enjoy In Majorca

The Spanish island of Majorca is located in the Mediterranean off the south east coast of the mainland, and is famous for being a popular tourist destination in the Balearic Islands that draws people from across Europe and beyond. While visitors are drawn by the pleasant climate and the wonderful beaches, there are actually plenty of things to do on the island, with some areas of outstanding natural beauty, and a wealth of history. There are plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy on a holiday to Majorca, with the main tourist season on the island between May and October.

  1. Beaches

Some of the main reasons that people go on holiday to Majorca in Spain is the superb range of beaches on the island, and these range from hidden coves with beautiful secluded sands through to long stretches of azure waters lapping on to the golden sand. For those who are looking for a beach near the island’s capital city, Palma, the Cala Major beach is a charming beach with a long stretch of golden sand and excellent water quality. Those looking for a quieter and more scenic experience will enjoy the stunning waters of Cala Deia, which has a small beach and a large expanse of calm water that is up to a maximum of six meters deep, making it ideal for swimming.

Top Attractions Majorca

  1. Nightlife

Another reason that many people come to Majorca for their holidays is the wonderful nightlife that can be enjoyed on the island, and some of the best cheap holiday destinations in Majorca have a wonderful night life to enjoy. One of the most popular areas to enjoy once the sun goes down is the Santa Catalina district of Palma, which has a range of bars and restaurants, while there are clubs for the younger crowd who want to party until late. Magaluf is the real party capital of the island though, and is just a short distance south of Palma, with the Punta Ballena strip home to the main bars and clubs of the town.

  1. Historic Sites

The island of Majorca has been occupied by human life for at least six thousand years, but it was the arrival of the Roman Empire that really saw the island flourish, and there are still some impressive Roman ruins worth exploring on the island. Indeed, the emperor who ruled gave his name to the archipelago, while the subsequent conquering of the island by Muslim raiders can still be seen in the Arab Baths on display in Palma. The grand cathedral in the capital is certainly one of the best sites to visit in Spain, and was built over four centuries, finally being completed in 1601, comparable to some of the beautiful ones found on the Costa de Sol.

Top Attractions Majorca

  1. The Natural Beauty Of Majorca

While many people will stay around the coast of Majorca, the beautiful interior of the island is also worth exploring and offers a different experience that most tourists will not be able to experience. The highlands around Puig Major, the highest mountain on the island offer stunning forested slopes to explore, and is a part of the Serra de Tramuntana range which has been acknowledged as a World Heritage Site thanks to its beautiful scenery and the agricultural history of the area. The Dragon Caves and the Fishhook Caves near the town of Porto Cristo are also stunning, with some remarkable rock formations that have been dramatically lit in order to add to the atmosphere.

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