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The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most popular visitor destinations for people from across the world, with a vibrant night life and culture and a huge wealth of historic landmarks and sites to visit. However, this city is certainly not just a tourist spot, as it is one of the economic cornerstones of Europe, and has a large number of big businesses that are based in the city. This does mean that many businesspeople will regularly travel to the city to visit the UK branch of a corporation or to arrange particular business deals, so there is always a need for corporate accommodation in the city. This is where the serviced apartments come in.

Houses of Parliament

What Are Serviced Apartments And How Do They Differ From Hotels?

There are a range of these apartments to be found in the city, and they offer the kind of corporate housing London business travelers may need in order to give them a little more flexibility in terms of staying in the city. When you are buying a room in a hotel, you won’t generally have the flexibility of a serviced apartment, with the tight quarters often being a hindrance, especially if you are staying there for a while. With serviced apartments in London it does give you a lot more space, and provides business accommodation where you can stay for as long as you need to, away from the constant movement of visitors you will find in a hotel. It is different if you are traveling with a family — then I’d be looking for the most kid-friendly London hotels.

The Advantages Of Serviced Apartment For Commercial Travelers

One of the first things about using serviced apartments is the cost, as the rates are quite flexible with the apartments, and like a short term rental these options become more affordable generally, depending on how long you need to stay. As the serviced apartments also have a full kitchen, this eliminates the issue of daily food costs which can add up when you are eating in a restaurant for every meal. Booking a serviced apartment also gives you the privacy that you don’t have with a hotel room, giving you the home away from home feel that will allow you to keep working for the business without the distractions of a hotel.

How Long Will You Have To Stay To Take Advantage Of Serviced Apartments

Because the providers and owners of the serviced apartments will vary in terms of the criteria that they will use, the minimum stay can vary a little depending on the apartment that you are looking at. Some may offer short stays of as little as three nights, while others can be more suitable for a longer trip, with a minimum of a week or even a month. Depending on the provider. Because many offer some very short stay options, using a serviced apartment is not only a good option for those offer corporate housing, London tourists may also find these an attractive alternative to the luxury hotels of the city.

The Business Centre Of London

As one of the biggest and most profitable financial centers in Europe, London is at the heart of finance and business in this part of the world, with the Canary Wharf area being particularly important in the financial industry. However, there are big companies to be found across the capital of the United Kingdom, and to help deal with this, you will actually find that the furnished short lets London has to offer are also located across the city. In many cases, businesses in London don’t have to keep the usual 9 to 5 hours, so you will also appreciate the flexibility that this type of corporate accommodation offers, in terms of being able to do business whenever it is convenient for you.

Where Can You Find Details Of The Serviced Apartments On Offer In London?

Being able to find a comprehensive list of the city’s serviced apartments can make it a whole lot easier if you are trying to find a suitable place to stay in this vibrant city. SITU is a company that specializes in connecting business travelers with the providers of serviced apartments in cities across the globe, specializing in the high spec and high quality apartments that provide comfortable accommodation for those traveling on business. The listings can be filtered depending on your requirements and how long you are hoping to stay, while their intuitive website makes it easy to browse pictures and look at the details of each apartment to make sure you are finding the right option for you.

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