Exploring the delightful Dalaman

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Exploring the delightful Dalaman

Dalaman is a region that is located on the beautiful south-western coast of Turkey and is also the name of the major town in the area, which is very popular with holidaymakers from across the globe.

The town itself is located in the coastal plain, but the majority of the district that shares the name is inland and made up of mostly mountainous terrain, making for a wonderful mix of contrasting landscapes.

Turquoise Coast of Turkey

The Turquoise Coast 

The Mediterranean has many countries on its shores and a wonderfully wide selection of dazzling beaches – and Dalaman is no exception. The area around Dalaman is known as the Turquoise Coast because of the quality of the sparkling turquoise waters that you will find framing the white sand beaches.

Fethiye is an idyllic harbour perfect for a more relaxed beachside holiday, while Marmaris is the go-to destination for those looking for lively night life, with its famous Bar Street being the centre of the action.

History spanning thousands of years

A visit to Dalaman virtually guarantees good weather and certainly offers some of the best beaches in the country. But as well as catering to those seeking a relaxing beach holiday, Turkey has some more unique aspects for culture vultures and history buffs to enjoy.

With a history that is formed from being the traditional gateway between the great continents and cultures of both the east and west, Turkey has an international flavour that stemmed from an intermingling of peoples from all over the world over thousands of years. Today, that means everything from sightseeing through to cuisine offers a range of experiences that are unrivalled elsewhere.

Cut down on travel times

A major advantage of choosing to holiday in the area is that it makes travel times quicker, as Dalaman is well-known for its airport where a new international terminal has recently been opened. Pegasus Airlines offer Dalaman flights out of a number of UK airports and travel times to Turkey don’t even qualify as long haul as they generally come in at around four hours. All this means you can spend more time enjoying your holiday!

Dalaman is also a holidaymaker’s dream destination because the tourist industry is such an important part of the overall economy. This means that there is a fantastic choice when it comes to accommodation, with top class hotels, self-catering chalets and villas all present and correct to suit all budgets and preferences.




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