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Having spent plenty of time traveling over the years, I have been in plenty of hostel beds in less than beautiful hostels, and sometimes it’s important to have a break and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury. I was fortunate enough to find myself in Jamaica for the last three days of March, and I enjoyed a wonderful few days staying at the RIU Palace Hotel in the popular area of Montego Bay. It was certainly a lovely place to stay, and I had a great time relaxing and just enjoying the great welcome that Jamaica has to offer.

Idyllic Surroundings

When you think of the ideal Jamaican beach, this lovely hotel has access to a great little beach just yards from the main building, with the typical picture postcard white sand and the azure waters that make for a sensational place to relax. The rustle of the palm trees in the breeze as you relax in the sun provides a great backdrop, while this adult only hotel has the benefit, at least for those of us without children, of a slightly more peaceful atmosphere. Inside the hotel the surroundings are just as impressive, with rooms that are spacious and furnished with quality well designed furniture with a modern feel.

Ultimate Relaxation

There is no doubt that this hotel benefits from the adult only atmosphere in terms of giving it a more relaxed feel, and this is reflected in other aspects of the hotel too. On my second day I gave in to the attraction of the treatments on offer, and had a massage at the well equipped spa in the hotel, and it was genuinely very good and wonderfully relaxing. There’s not much to worry about on a Jamaican vacation, and the trip from the jacuzzi over to the sun beds near the beach is about as stressful as it gets here. And one thing Jamaica is known for is quality relaxation.

Food And Drink

Another of the aspects of the RIU Palace Hotel that I enjoyed was the range of food on offer, and as it is an all-inclusive hotel, there’s no shortage of different dishes to enjoy. As you would expect, there are a few of the local dishes on offer, and I enjoyed the jerk chicken with hummus, but there are also plenty of other options too with several different restaurants on site. The bars are also well stocked, and choosing a lounging spot near the bar helps every afternoon here to be a good one!

Transport To The Hotel

The RIU Palace is only a couple of miles from Sangster International Airport, which is the easiest way into this part of Jamaica, and the taxi from the airport to the hotel was short and sweet, and took less than fifteen minutes. There are plenty of connecting flights to Montego Bay from across the United States, but for my readers from further afield, there are also flights from France, Belgium, and Germany among other destinations in Europe, and routes to destinations in Canada, Mexico and across the Caribbean too.

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