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Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many different sports you can try to help you stay in shape this summer. If you start training now you will be in better shape to enjoy an active summer holiday in Europe.



The Cotswolds are a lovely area about two hours by car outside of London. There are many walking paths for you to enjoy. You can walk on Blossom Trail and see the stunning trees in bloom. The Cotswolds Way is 164km long and it is a beautiful walk that can easily be broken into sections for a comfortable days walk as you stay in different areas along the way.


Exploring France on a bicycle is a great way to spend an active summer holiday in Europe. There are many areas that are extremely beautiful and filled with a wide variety of beautiful routes like the Loire Valley, Brittany, Normandy, Burgundy, and Alsace. You can find easy trails, challenging trails, roads with little traffic, and ride along railway tracks on specially modified bikes.

There are plenty of great sights like beautiful valleys, rivers, castles, churches, and other historical monuments. All that exercise will build up an appetite so be sure to sample the fabulous food that France is known for. Don’t forget to indulge in chocolate, cheese and wine as well!


Spain is an amazing place for an active summer holiday and it is an excellent place to play golf. Costa Del Sol in the Andalucia region is the best place to head. The weather is moderate all year round and there are plenty of challenging courses with stunning scenery. There are also plenty of great resorts to stay at and great beaches to relax on after you finish your day on the greens.

 Costa Del Sol golf


If you are looking to stay in Europe so you can take your dog on holiday with you, then Germany is a great place for an active holiday with your favourite four legged friend. There are many public trails and parks that allow dogs to roam freely and you can also take smaller dogs in carriers for free on most public transportation. The culture is very friendly towards dogs and you can also take your dog into many pubs and restaurants when you want to stop for something to eat.

The Alps

There are so many different activities to try in the Alps during the summer that it is impossible to sit still once you get there. You can trek on mountain trails, hike in alpine meadows, rock climb, go heli-skiing, and if you head to Austria you can try skiing as early as August. There are also plenty of beautiful lakes like Lake Geneva where you can go swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, and explore the beautiful scenery. You can also explore the different cultures of the 8 countries that this extensive mountain range stretches across.




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    To start things off with a bang, Europe is technically not a continent. It’s separation from Asia was actually a Greek idea. To start things off with a bang, Europe is technically not a continent. It’s separation from Asia was actually a Greek idea.

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