5 Ways to Be More Productive on Your Next Flight

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Traveling by plane takes up large amounts of time that include commuting to and from the airport and waiting to board the flight. As a busy person, it can get frustrating to feel your workday slipping away as you stand in that security line.

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Although you can’t do much about having to pass through the security screening, you can make the best use out of the rest of the time that you spend traveling by using these tips to stay productive while you are en-route to your destination, whether you are a solo female traveler or not.

Bring Water and Food From Home

Taking a lunch break might not seem like the best way to make use of your time, but it really does help. Staying hydrated helps your brain to function properly, which makes a difference when you are crunching numbers or putting together a presentation. A brown bag lunch also means you can eat when you want. This keeps you from being distracted by hunger pangs.

Set Yourself Up to Survive Without Wi-Fi

Many airlines are starting to offer wi-fi during their flights, but you can’t always count on it working. Make sure to set your laptop up with everything that you need to work in the event that you lack internet access. Download documents straight to your computer and make notes or screen shots of information that you’ll need while you work. You may also want to do this again from the hotel before your flight home.

Noise-Canceling Headphones for travel

Bring Noise-Canceling Headphones

That chatty passenger next to you may only be trying to be polite, but they can quickly interfere with your ability to work. Noise-canceling headphones knock out distractions. You can also use them to send a clear signal to others that you are not open to having a conversation.

Make Proper Rest a Priority

Most people find it hard to sleep well away from home, so be sure to start off right by practicing good sleep hygiene that leaves you feeling perky each morning. You can also fill your sleep bank by catching a nap in the hotel when you can. During times when you can’t sleep, taking a few moments to close your eyes and meditate briefly can help give you a short energy boost that helps you complete your work. If you are headed for a great beach vacation, you are going to want to enjoy it!

Get Your Blood Flowing

Rest is important, but so is exercise. Too much time sitting down can cause you to feel sluggish, and you’ll notice the reduced blood flow to your brain. Try doing things such as taking the stairs at the airport to help get your blood pumping through your body. During your flight, you can take mini-breaks to walk up and down the aisle to jumpstart your thinking if you begin to hit a standstill.

Maintaining your productivity while you travel is much easier when you have the right mindset. Always start out fresh with a good night’s sleep, and try to pack the night before so that your morning goes smoothly. By focusing on self-care and finding utilizing pockets of time that you find available, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish when you are away from home or your office.


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