How To Return To Work Refreshed After Traveling

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Taking time off from work can help you in a variety of different ways. For example, it may allow you to alleviate the mental fatigue that comes after many weeks or months of stressful days at the office. Ideally, you will come back from a vacation with a newfound sense of passion for your work. However, it is a good idea to ease your way back into your professional routine after your vacation ends.

Come Back Home on a Friday

Coming home on a Friday means that you get to spend the weekend getting over jet lag and otherwise adjusting to life back home. If you don’t have a regular work schedule, you should still plan to come home a day or two before your next scheduled shift. Doing so allows you to clean the house, buy food and take care of other obligations that may have been neglected prior to your trip.

Get to Sleep at a Reasonable Hour

You should aim to get between seven and nine hours of sleep the night before you have to go back to work. Accomplishing this task can be much easier by making sure that your room is completely dark and that all of your devices are turned off. It may also be a good idea to buy a new mattress to ensure that you don’t return to work sore or in a poor mood.

Take It Easy on the First Day Back

Your top priority on the first day back at work should be to get back into your routine gradually. If you have any tasks that you couldn’t finish before leaving for your trip, be sure to focus on those first. Catching up on older tasks may make it easier to focus on new projects when you eventually get around to tackling them.

It can also be a good idea break your first day back into small chunks. Taking frequent breaks will let your mind and body get used to the fact that you aren’t on a cruise ship or on the beach anymore. You should also feel free to tell stories about your trip on your first day back. This can help to put yourself and others in a positive mood.

Put a Souvenir In Your Office

A souvenir is a constant reminder of the fun and excitement that you experienced while on your trip to London, Jamaica or the pyramids in Egypt. For example, you could put up a flag from the country that you visited or light a scented candle that you purchased from a street vendor. If you can’t have these items in your office, having them at home can give you something to look forward to after a long day.

While spending several days or weeks away from the office can be good for your mental and physical health, vacations can’t last forever. However, taking time to plan out your first day or two back on the job ahead of time can make it easier to come back.


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