Top 5 Things to do in Oahu

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As the third largest island and the most populous of the all the Hawaiian Islands, there are a host of reasons for Oahu’s popularity. With a number of Oahu hotels in close proximity to all the best attractions in Hawaii, it’s easy to see why millions flock to Hawaii for when they’re looking for a relaxing getaway under the sun. But with so many worthy places to visit, from great places to eat to the many things to do on the north shore how can you possibly hope to make the right decision and make the best of your limited time on the island? Aside from the great food, including some great vegan meals on Oahu, there is plenty more to do here.

Here are 5 suggestions for you:

Lanikai Beach:

Consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, it’s a little surprising that this beach is relatively empty on weekdays. However, the same can’t be said for it during the weekends and high tourist season, so beware. Kayaking here is one of my favorite activities, especially during the summer. With palm trees and tropical plants in abundance, this is the perfect place to capture a postcard worthy picture. With clear waters untainted by any stream run off, this beach is the perfect place for you and your travel companions to enjoy an island oasis beneath the sparkling Hawaiian sun.

diamond head from above

Diamond Head:

Probably the most recognizable landmark of the Hawaiian Islands is the famed Diamond Head Volcanic Crater. This extinct volcanic crater offers awe-inspiring, 360-degree sweeping views of the island. Climbing to the top of this 760-foot summit is no easy feat, but definitely a task that’s worth the trouble. Make sure you’re fully prepared for this moderately difficult hike with a full bottle of water, sun protection, comfortable walking shoes and your thirst for adventure. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ala Moana Center:

Featuring over 220 shops and restaurants, Ala Moana Center is the largest and the most famous shopping center in Oahu. Ranging from local boutiques to designer brands, Ala Moana has something for everyone. So if you’re tired of exploring the streets and parks of Oahu, hit the shops and the restaurants housed in the Ala Moana Center. You’ll not only find live entertainment, but an open-air shopping center that’s an island must-see.

uss arizona memorial pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor:

A trip to Hawaii is incomplete without a tour of Pearl Harbor. Come and pay respect to the lives lost during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Beneath the tranquil waters of Pearl Harbor lies the USS Arizona, the first casualty of the Second World War. Despite the countless stories of those flocking to the memorial every year, nothing can prepare you for the somber mood that surrounds the memorial. The experience will definitely be unforgettable.

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Experience an authentic luau put on by the Polynesian Cultural Center. Gain insight to the culture of Polynesia when you attend one of these famed luaus. Examine a Polynesian canoe up close; learn how to build your own fire while attending cultural exhibits representing the islands of Aotearoa New Zealand, Hawaii, Samoa, Rapa Nui, Tonga, Marquesas, Tahiti, and Fiji. Commemorate your Hawaiian getaway with an escape to the islands of Polynesia; you won’t regret it!

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