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Rome is another city that I unexpectedly liked. My impression before I started traveling extensively was that I would never like cities that rely on tourism. It seems that many people have this same bias (some with a bit more pretentiousness about them than others, but regardless), but over time, I have come to realize that I generally love the cities that thrive off of tourism.

I’ve found that true in Siem Reap, the totally touristy town next to Angkor Wat. I’ve found that to be true in Venice, which would hardly exist at all these days without tourism. I’ve read others hating Manchupicchu, but again I loved it.

Rome is another place on that list for me.

things to see in rome colosseum

While I was there, I got the chance to do a wonderful tour with Walks of Italy, which was pretty close to the place where I was staying at in Rome. The highlight was being able to walk out on stage at the Coliseum , which isn’t available via buying the normal ticket that everyone else lines up for… in very, very long lines.

Walking out of the catacombs below the stage and then up on the stage is an experience that drew me a lot closer to the history of the place.

Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch in Rome


roman things to see and do arch constantine

View of the Arch of Constantine from the top of the Colosseum right next door. For this particular shot, I put a little tilt shift effect on it. What do you think? You like?

ancient roman door from rome


wide view of colosseum in rome things to see

Looking back on the Colosseum from another spot that the folks at Walks of Italy were able to get us to — the upper deck of the building. Again, another spot you can’t get to with a normal ticket and yet another reason to look back on this day with a big smile on my face. Plenty of things to do in Rome, but I’ll remember these views utmost in my mind.

things to see in rome the colosseum with blue sky

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Europe this year… and loving it. Thought by some experienced travelers as “too easy” and “not challenging enough,” all I can say is that it is the continent with easily the most to see and do of any of them.

And its incredible.

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14 thoughts on “A Special Day of Touring in Rome

  • Elaine Schoch

    Great photo of the Arch of Constantine… I also loved Rome and touring the Colosseum and ruins around it; your photos are great. I had the normal ticket but still enjoyed it and learned a lot more about its history, as well as the city’s. Funny because most people do seem to say they don’t like Rome so much given the crowds and tourism. I agree with you though, it’s one of the best cities, with so much color and history to soak in. I loved it…

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I can never figure out how to shoot that Arch, so thank you for the complement! Wish I could get it on a non-tourist time, but not sure there are such there. 😉

      Glad you like Rome also. Its a city I actually could live in for a while, I think.

  • Rease

    Lovely photos! I like the shift effect. That first photo really caught my eye. I’ve always thought Rome would be a gorgeous place to visit.

  • Jen

    I wasn’t such a big fan of rome, for the reasons which you stated although it is worth a visit due to the history there are some much better places to visit in italy. Nice pictures btw.

  • Mariella

    I especially love the last photo. It’s very simple with just the white stone and the blue skies, yet so expressive. Great shot.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Thank you Mariella. Always looking for different ways (for me) to shoot that iconic site.

  • Rachel

    Love the photos man, and that photo of Arch of Constantine is extraordinaire. It seems like I’m looking at 3 dimensional image, I don’t know I can’t explain it haha.. it’s stunning.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Same here. Exactly the same. First time I went was to meet friends and was because they wanted to go. Every time since has been because I want to go.

  • The Time-Crunched Traveler (Ellen)

    Definitely like the effect of the Arch of Constantine photo. I’m with you, I generally end up enjoying cities that are heavily focused on tourism … I find they draw people in for a reason. Also, this is good to know about Walks of Italy because it shows there can be real benefits to taking guided tours sometimes. Love that shot of the Collesseum!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      The Walks of Italy folks are really nice to work with. They do a fabulous job. Hope you have a chance to use them in the future and thanks for the complements on the photos!

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