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Okay, I know, the title of this is probably getting some raised eyebrows. What, you are thinking, is a bicycle amusement park, much less an indoor one? And why Cleveland? How did this mysterious bicycle equivalent of Six Flags end up in Northern Ohio?


I’ll start with the last question. Ohio is basically the kingdom of amusement parks. Cedar Point. King’s Island. Oh, and then there are water parks every two feet. I was in a taxi in Mexico once and the driver asked me where I was from. When I said “Ohio” his face split into a huge grin and he said “Cedar Point! Cedar Point!”

Confession time — I lived in Ohio for the first 18 years of my life and never went to Cedar Point. This is because roller coasters make me nauseous and I prefer my risks to have a lower perceived danger, although, as is the case with Rays, this usually results in a higher likelihood of getting hurt. (Read this post about how I would rather go tubing on swollen rivers than go bungee jumping.) And, let’s be real, I’m also extremely, stupidly afraid of heights.

So Cedar Point is a no-go. But Ray’s? In winter, in Ohio, when the weather is bleak and gray and drizzling liquid ice? This is the solution to your Midwest winter doldrums. Ray’s MTB is a bit of a mecca for people like me. It’s a whole warehouse (no, probably more like FIVE whole warehouses) filled with jumps, wooden obstacle courses, skinny logs to ride on, and all sorts of other things (teeter totters! drops! table tops! even a funky elevator that requires you to track stand while it goes down!).

If you’re reading this and you’re like, umm, wtf does a table top have to do with bicycles a.) that’s totally okay and probably an indicator that you’re a normal person and not a bike nerd (congratulations!) and b.) it totally doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy Ray’s. The place has entire rooms for all skill levels, everything from “I can barely go in a straight line” to “hey I’m Danny MacAskill.” If you’re not a bike person, it’s the perfect place to try something new because renting a bike is only $15. And raise your hand if “try something new” is on your New Years Resolution list. I thought so. It’s on mine too. I’m thinking of taking up trumpet. (Just kidding about the trumpet, obvi, but I may go paragliding, you never know.)

Here’s a little video from our trip to get you stoked:

Practical Information:

  • Where: Ray’s has locations in Cleveland, Ohio and Milwaukee, WI
  • How much: $21.99 on the weekdays, $26.99 on weekends
  • Bike rental: $15
  • For more, visit their site here.

What do you think? Is an indoor bike park something you could get excited about?

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