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The islands that make up Malta might be small, but they pack a lot of punch when it comes to beauty in the Mediterranean. A look at one photo was all it took to bump Malta to the top of my list of destinations to visit in Europe. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean summer escape, look no further than this ideal itinerary to experience Malta’s beaches and beautiful cities!

St. Peter's Pool

Where to go on Malta Island

Malta Island isn’t enormous, but it does require a lot of time when traveling by bus to get from one side of the island to another. The bus rides are long and make many stops, so it might be most efficient to rent a scooter or car to navigate Malta without spending too much time traveling from one spot to another. There’s so much to see, it would be a shame to miss out on anything!


Valletta, the capital of Malta, is a vibrant city with colorful shutters on every window of the old, beautifully structured buildings. The architecture will transport you back to a world of simpler times. Roam up and down the hilly streets, watch the boats pass by from the waterfront, and try to stop yourself from gawking at the massive cathedral.


Marsaxlokk is a cute fishing village on southeastern coast of Malta Island with a harbor full of colorfully painted fishing boats.

St. Peter's Pool

A short walk away from Marsaxlokk is St. Peter’s Pool, one of the most stunning swimming spots I visited in Malta. The turquoise water is so inviting, especially with the hot sun is beating down that even the most timid swimmers are persuaded to jump off the rocks and into the sea.

Golden Bay

The best place to watch the sunset on Malta Island is Golden Bay, hands-down. Hike up to the top of the cliffs with a few beers and watch the sky blow your mind as it changes from blue to orange and purple.

Where to go on Gozo Island

With only one main road through most of the island, the best way to see Gozo Island is by renting a scooter and creating your own schedule. It’s simple, safe, and absolutely worth the money just as long as you’re comfortable driving on the left side of the road!


The Azure Window is the magical place that everyone sees in photos and flocks to Malta for – including me! It is truly more magnificent to see in real-life than any photo. Toss your sandals to the side, jump in, and swim under the limestone arch. This is bliss. Visit the Azure Window while you still can, it’s eroding quickly.

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is the prettiest sandy beach on Gozo Island for swimming. The beach will be flooded with tourists, but you can’t blame anyone for soaking up the sun on a sandy beach in the Mediterranean – it’s such a rarity!

Xlendi Bay

Hiking around the rocks at Xlendi Bay, you’ll find lots of little spots to jump into the gorgeous Mediterranean. Better yet, rent a boat to discover the caves, grottos, and salt pans nearby.

The megalithic temples on Malta, mainly Ggantija, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are great places to go to learn more about Malta’s ancient history and culture. “Ggantija”, meaning giant, describes the beings that are said to have created the temples, according to Maltese folklore.

Where to go on Comino Island

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular places to see and swim in Malta. Inherently, it’s also one of the most crowded with tourists in summer. There are plenty of boat tours, dive, and snorkel excursions to go on to explore the lagoon.

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  • noel

    What a stunning island, I’ve never made an effort to go but I really want to visit hopefully in 2016, spectacular landscape.

  • Daniela @ Grumpy Camel

    Proud to call this my home <3 I'm glad to see you had a wonderful time in Malta. You've been to some of the most beautiful spots on the islands. However I wouldn't recommend visiting in the peak of summer – it's too hot, and busy. The islands are more beautiful and peaceful in winter and spring, and you can still hit the beach if you're here in October, November, April & May. Here's my advice to anyone visiting Malta for the first time:!malta-10-things-to-know/c22ya

  • looking for a life changes

    I m interested to visit Malta and work in 2016.
    Any recommendations , help ? 🙂

  • sun kingdom of Malta

    Looking to work on this nice island in this year .
    Any directions , links , for work , accomodation , how much money should bring and so on ? 😉 🙂

  • Richard Wideman

    My friend’s family originated from Malta, and he has visited it many times. Now I know why, it is extremely unique in it’s beauty.

    Another one on the bucket list…

  • Marcus Williams

    Your photos are just stunning! Now I’m kinda on the fence about my entire vacation, I was originally planning to go to Maldive and enjoy the beaches but Malta has a more down-to-earth sort of tone to it. Have you been to Maldives? Help me decide! Malta? Maldives?

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