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Logan Canyon is one of the undiscovered gems of tourism in the United States, and this stunning area of Utah is a fantastic place to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings, mountain views and a real warm welcome from the local community. You’ll want to ensure that you give yourself at least a few days to savor the attractions in this charming part of the country, where the relaxed pace of life really provides a nice break from the hustle and bustle. There are plenty of things to see and do in this area, and it is well worth spending time enjoying the attractions in Logan.

Explore The Area Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Utah, and has been dubbed the ‘Caribbean of the Rockies’ because of the distinctive azure blue of the waters of the lake. Bear Lake is a beautiful area with some good hiking opportunities to enjoy around the lake, while you can also explore the waters of the lake itself by going kayaking or canoeing. If you fancy something with a little more of an adrenaline thrill, you can also go jet skiing or water skiing on the waters of the lake too.

Wonderful Outdoor Activities

As you would expect in one of the most attractive areas of the country, hiking is a very popular activity here. You will also find some good mountain biking, horse riding and ATV trekking routes around the canyon, while in the winter the area is home to the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort and renting snowmobiles at Beaver Creek Lodge.

Experience The Old West Of The United States

This part Utah was an important area in the development of the Old West in the United States, and one of the fascinating attractions in the area is the American West Heritage Center. The center is set on a large 160 acre site which preserves many of the different aspects of life in the Old West.

There are a range of family friendly activities such as visiting the Jensen Historical Farm, cow milking and pony rides, and the Pioneer area with cabins and dugouts and a chance to make rag dolls and play pioneer games, while the Mountain Man Camp examines the history of fur trapping and hunting here.

Great Local Food And Drink

The vast majority of the restaurants in this area are locally owned establishments that make the most of local ingredients, with the dairy industry particularly important here. Gossner Cheese produces great Swiss cheese, while there are several great ice cream producers in the area, with Casper’s famous for their ‘Fat Boy’ ice cream sandwiches. The Beehive Grill is known for their root beer and gelato which are produced on­site, while it is also worth paying a visit to Caffe Ibis Restaurant for one of their fantastic coffees.

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