Things to Do in Heber Valley for All 4 Seasons!

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fun things to do in heber valley, utahThe Heber Valley is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of Utah. The outdoor activities are certainly what draw the majority of the visitors to the area, but there are also plenty of things to do in Heber Valley even if the weather doesn’t quite live up to its beautiful reputation.

The most famous of all of the attractions in the area is the wonderful Heber Valley Railroad but there are plenty of other mountain activities to enjoy in Heber city and the surrounding region.

Getting To Heber Valley

If you are planning to fly into the area, then the Salt Lake City Airport is the most convenient when it comes to getting to the area, and as well as a good network of domestic destinations, it is also served by routes to France, Mexico and Canada.

Heber Valley is less than an hour by road from Salt Lake City, so it is quite easy to get to on a day trip from Salt Lake City. It is also just fifteen minutes away from Park City.

Winter Things to Do in Heber Valley

Many people will assume that the only thing to do in the area during the winter is to go skiing, but a visit to Heber Valley actually offers a range of winter activities along with the Nordic skiing and cross-country skiing the area is famous for.

Soldier Hollow

One of the most interesting activities that is ideal for all the family to enjoy is snow tubing, which can be enjoyed at Soldier Hollow, which has a 1,200 foot slope and a lift service to prevent those long walks to the top. Soldier Hollow hosted some skiing and biathlon events in the 2002 Winter Olympics and it is obviously a world-class venue for cross-country skiing.

Ice Castle

You can also visit the famous ice castle, which is usually open from mid December until March every year. Midway Ice Castles is an experience built each year using hundreds of thousands of icicles. The castles include breathtaking LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains and much more.

Ice Castle heber valley, utah

Downhill Skiing

Within minutes of the Heber Valley skiers can access 21 chairlifts to over 100 runs throughout 2,000 acres of terrain at Deer Valley, as a great alternative to Park City crowds. Gondola access gives skiers the best of Park City skiing without the hassle of downtown driving.

Heber Valley has Multiple Excellent Golf Courses

With five different golf courses located within the valley, it is remarkable how different the terrain for each course can be.

Wasatch Mountain State Park is also home to four  golf courses, all with mild summer temperatures and outstanding mountain views. Those include Soldier Hollow Golf Course which offers some good elevation changes for a hilly course, through to the more traditional challenges offered by the Crater Springs Golf Course.

If you are looking for an affordable golf break, then you can also combine your green fees with your accommodation costs for a hefty discounts, with the golfing holiday packages that are available.

Heber Valley In Spring, Summer And Fall

Heber Valley Railroad

The Heber Valley Railroad is a wonderful attraction whatever time of year you will be visiting, but particularly seeing the steam engines in action on a bright sunny day is a sight to behold. Of all the fun possibilities in Heber Valley, this is the one that is probably the most well known. It is a particularly fun thing to do for kids and families in Heber Valley.

The Heber Valley Railroad has a number of regularly scheduled fun events for families, such as the Monday Night train, which includes sing-alongs, food, treats, and other surprises. They also do a Rock and Roll train ride in a heated, vintage car, which is a great date activity.

heber valley railroad

Parks and Recreational Areas

There are also beautiful natural areas and state parks such as Cascade Springs, where you can take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, while Deer Creek State Park is a lovely location for hiking and fishing, among the many outdoors activities available there. Take a kiteboarding lesson at Deer Creek during a summer stay.

Provo River Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is such a fun warm weather activity in Heber Valley as well. Provo River, estimated to have 45,000 fish per river mile, is a blue ribbon fishery known for its quality of fish, ease of access, and beautiful surroundings. If you have time, it is a really relaxing activity to enjoy in this region.


If you are interested in local history, then the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum and the Commemorative Air Force Utah Wing Museums are also wonderful places to explore. The air museum is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and demonstration of the magnificent aircraft that dominated the skies during World War II.

Zip Lining and Canopy Tours

Zipline Utah has set up the Screaming Falcon course at Deer Creek Reservoir, which is the longest continuous zipline course in the world –– two miles without your feet touching the ground. Provo Canyon Adventures also has a treetop canopy tour with zipline experiences for kids (7 and up). These sorts of activities are why this area is often compared to Costa Rica, oddly enough!

Homestead Crater Scuba Diving

Yes, you heard that right. One of the most unexpected opportunies in Heber Valley is warm water scuba diving, year-round. This geothermal hot spring was created over ten thousand years as melting snow went deep into the earth and percolated upward from being heated by the earth’s interior. The warm water rose and created the limestone deposit now called The Homestead Crater, which you can scuba dive in.

homestead crater scuba in utah

The Homestead Crater is a unique destination for scuba divers and scuba enthusiasts, with its 65 foot depth and 400 foot pool width. You can even get scuba certified at the only warm scuba destination in the lower 48 states!

Just as an additional sidenote, the Homestead Crater resort also offers additional activities like stand-up paddleboarding and crater soaking packages in their warm, mineral suffused waters.

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