Booking A Great Culinary And Cultural Stay In New Orleans

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Most people who have heard of New Orleans will almost certainly know the famous Bourbon Street and the annual Mardi Gras festival that attracts thousands of visitors. There is a lot more to New Orleans than these two wonderful attractions though. Those who visit once will certainly want to return to enjoy the city’s cuisine and culture. If you fancy enjoying a little Southern hospitality with a French twist, then here are a few tips to help you make the most of your stay in this lovely city.

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The Wonderful Cuisine of New Orleans

The food in New Orleans may not be the healthiest in the country, but with its fusion of seafood, Creole influences, and French cooking styles, you’ll find plenty of different dishes and restaurants worth trying. For instance, the po’boy is a traditional sandwich made with French bread, roast beef, gravy, seafood, and salad. Gumbo is another local favorite that’s served in many New Orleans restaurants.
If you want to enjoy a drink or two after your food, the Hurricane and Sazerac cocktails originated in New Orleans. Bourbon Street is certainly the place to go if you fancy a drink in attractive and stylish surroundings.

Culture in New Orleans

While Mardi Gras is certainly the biggest single event on the calendar in New Orleans, there’s a whole lot more to enjoy in the city. If you want to avoid the premium prices in the city at that time, you’ll find plenty to do here outside that period, too.
The annual Jazz and Heritage Festival is held in early May, while the Essence festival hosts big musical names at the Superdome in July. The Southern Decadence festival is one of the biggest gay festivals in the South. There’s also wonderful architecture, a great selection of museums, and plenty of theaters here, too.

Where to Stay in New Orleans

Most visitors who are looking for the best hotels in New Orleans will usually find good accommodations in the French Quarter and the downtown area, where many chain hotels are located. There are also plenty of other options in different parts of New Orleans. The Marigny neighborhood is a good option, and Mid-City works well for those looking for access to the center without the noise.

Getting to New Orleans

If you’re looking for an international connection, the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans has flights to over 30 cities in the U.S. and international connections to the U.K. The bus from the airport takes just 45 minutes and $2 to reach the downtown area. If you’re traveling from other cities in the United States, New Orleans has good Megabus connections and Amtrak link to the rest of the country.
Are you a foodie, a culture lover, or someone who’s looking for some great nightlife? You can have all of that and more in New Orleans. Check out the famous streets and festivals as well as the off-the-beaten-path gems while you’re in New Orleans!

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