The Best Areas For Short-Term Lets In Barcelona 6

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Photograph by Moyan Brenn, Flickr

Barcelona is a great city, full of live and energy. Many people choose Barcelona as a temporary home for work, study or leisure but where is the best areas for Barcelona monthly property rentals?

El Ravel (Ciutat Vella) – One of the most creative areas of the city, El Ravel is an up and coming area full of artists, musicians and designers. Away from the touristy areas of the city, El Ravel is for locals giving you the authentic Catalan experience. El Ravel is a one of the most lively areas of the city although was once notorious for crime and prostitution, and is still not the safest area of the city.

La Ribera (Ciutat Vella) – The Notting Hill of Barcelona providing exclusive shopping by day and upmarket cool and trendy bars by night. La Rivera offers an array of high quality rentals. La Ribera is full of amazing 14th – 19 century architecture and plays host to the ruins of Mercat del Born. Centrally located it has excellent public transport options and is very pedestrian friendly.

Eixample – A newer district of the city between the old city and the surrounding small towns. Eixample means expansion in Catalan and is host to several famous Gaudi buildings. Known for it’s tree lined streets and outdoor cafes, Eixample offers many short term lets in buildings with the most stunning architecture. Very close to the city, the center is just a short trip on a bike or on the many public transport options.

Gràcia – Just north of Eixample, Gràcia is one of the main residential districts of Barcelona, away from the noise of the city and tourists. Gràcia is a very popular area with locals and is host to a large variety of short term lets. Gràcia is home to Park Güell and other green spaces. Being located outside of the city center Gràcia’s lets give you more space than those in the City Centre.

Barcelona is a lovely city and this list is nowhere near exhaustive, the Catalan capital is full of surprises and you are best to look around. Enanquiler is one of the top tools for finding short term lets in Barcelona and Spain and a great place to start your search.

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