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Honestly, if you only have a short period of time in Prague, I would recommend staying in the city. There’s no need for day trips when there’s so many fun things to do within Prague. However, if you do decide to escape the city or if, like me, you get excited about going on train rides (I’m a total geek about it but… there are no trains where I live!), here are 5 great day trips to take from Prague.

Stay In The Czech Republic

I’m a firm believer in seeing more of a country than just it’s major city. For example, I explored the Lake District instead of just London and have been in handfuls of places in France, which is a good thing considering my feelings about Paris. In my experience, it’s been easy and cheap to travel around the Czech Republic. Since the catacombs were the highlight of any time I’ve been in Paris, I decided to follow suit and check out the bone church in Kutná Hora.

Kutná Hora

Like most people who visit Kutná Hora on a day trip from Prague, I went specifically to see the Sedlec Ossuary. This chapel is adorned with human skeletons and is meant to represent the impermanence of human life. I’ll admit, looking at a bunch of human bones is absolutely the best way to remember you’re tiny, insignificant, and impermanent.

What a fun day trip!

The thing is, when you walk into a building expecting to see human bones everywhere, it’s really not that shocking when you come face to skull with hundreds of dead people. The shock came when I was leaving and walked through what I thought was a construction zone but, nope, that’s just a human skeleton being dug up right beside the entrance.

Because that’s no big deal.

While in Kutná Hora I also visited St. Barbara Church and took my time walking around the historical town which, since 1955, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Okay, first of all, yes, I absolutely made way too many Dad jokes about going on a road trip to Amerika.

“Wow! All the way from Prague? You guys must drive really fast!”

A-hyuk a-hyuk.

Velká Amerika is known as the Czech Grand Canyon, which is freaking adorable. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonder to look at and extremely beautiful but size wise it doesn’t quite add up. Velká Amerika is a partly flooded, abandoned limestone quarry and was described to me as a place where people go exploring and diving for “a lot of adventure with a dash of death.”

Close by, and worth checking out as well, is Karlštejn Castle.

Český Krumlov

Snow globe, AmIright?

When we first arrived in Český Krumlov, we were greeted at the train station by loud drunk teenagers and I’M NOT GOING TO LIE IT WAS AMAZING. I love the quirky crap that doesn’t happen in your daydreams about an upcoming trip but then you get there and it’s like BAM this is a real place with real people. I love that.

Visiting Český Krumlov was like walking into a snow globe. Follow the cobble-stoned streets and you’ll find little shops, bars, and gawk worthy panoramic views from different viewpoints.

In case you were wondering, the aforementioned teens (who very well could have been of age so don’t think I’m laughing at drunk 13 year olds or anything…) were harmless. They said “Ahoj”, I smiled at their dog, and we all went on our merry way.

Head To Germany

One of the top destinations – that I had on my non-existent bucket list that I often refer to – was German Christmas markets. I would have been happy with any European Christmas market but Germany was a must because of, you know, the internet. It looked like a cool thing to do and it was! If you have a chance to visit Dresden and/or Nuremberg in the other seasons, do it. There’s plenty to do year round.


Also eggnog

Oh, Dresden.

Dresden was where I had my first gluhwein and gluhbier and honestly, that’s enough reason to love the place. I went to Dresden specifically to experience the Christmas market. I stayed, walked around, stood by fires, drank, ate, and looked at every single shop for about 8 hours. If Český Krumlov was a snow globe then Dresden was Santa’s workshop. With booze.

I tore myself away from the market for a little while to walk around the city and my only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier so I could enjoy it with the daylight. Restoration here seems to be ongoing as the city was rebuilt after WW11 and also suffered a major flood in 2002. No matter it’s long history of destruction, they repair and restore their city quickly each time and offer a breathtaking experience for visitors.


Give me an old city with lots of history, canals, and a castle, and I’m a happy gal. Add in Christkindlesmarkt and I can barely breathe for excitement. I took a walk up to the castle to check out the view. Your best bet is to head up to the look out on the castle grounds where you can map out your day of churches, museums, and bratwurst.

What are some other cheap and easy options for day trips from Prague? Let me know because I guarantee I’ll be back in Prague someday and wanting to do some day trips!




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