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New York, NYC, The Big Apple. Call it what you want, this is by far and away one of the worlds biggest tourist destinations. People that visit New York will say it’s like going on multiple different holidays all rolled into one place.

NYC Tour Guide

If you fancy taking a bite out of The Big Apple anytime soon, then please check out our detailed travel guide below:

Top Things To Do/See In New York

The brilliant thing about NYC is that you have a wealth of things to both do and see. It’s filled with iconic landmarks and places to visit, as well as plenty of additional fun things too. Here are the best things to do/see, make sure you cross them all off your list!

Take Pictures In Times Square

Times Square is one of the most legendary places in this city, and possibly even the world. It’s full of big screens emblazoned with colourful advertisements, and the typical New York steam coming out of the floor vents. Take a quick trip here for a few pictures, but don’t stick around for too long as you can easily get lost in all the hustle and bustle.

Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge

New York is a great place to go if you’re an active traveller. There are so many great things you can walk to, and the Brooklyn Bridge is one of them. Take a trip to lower Manhattan, and they walk across this iconic bridge yourself. Make sure to stop on your way across for some gorgeous photos of the city.

Go To A Yankees Game

Even if you’ve never watched a baseball game in your life, watching the Yankees play in their home stadium is a wonderful experience. You immerse yourself in the typical American culture, cheer the team with the locals, and just have a wonderful evening. Seats are relatively cheap, and it’s just a fun thing to do during your time here!

yankee stadium

Walk Around Central Park

Is there a park as famous and iconic as Central Park? It’s absolutely massive and has so many great natural sights and scenes to enjoy. If you go to New York – and don’t walk around Central Park at least once – then you should be arrested. It’s a crime not to enjoy this gorgeous setting, so go for a stroll or two! Plus, they often have theatrical performances in the park, so be on the lookout for these too.

Pay Your Respects At The 9/11 Memorial

9/11 was one of the biggest tragedies to hit the US, and it shocked the world. Nowadays, there’s a really lovely and thoughtful memorial in the city to mark the events. Go there and pay your respects, it’s a real eye-opening experience. They have a museum there too, which gives more of a backstory to events and makes you realise just how devastating this moment was. You’ll have a newfound respect for the people and the city after this.

Climb The Empire State Building

Okay, don’t literally climb it! But, you can’t leave NYC without taking a trip to the top of King Kong’s favourite playtoy. The views are amazing, and it’s one of those true bucket list experiences.

Cruise To The Statue Of Liberty

We almost forgot to add this in – which shows you how many amazing things there are to do/see here! Pay for a cruise to the Statue of Liberty and take pictures of one of the world’s most renowned landmarks.

Transport In New York

It goes without saying that getting around New York can be very tough. There’s almost no point in getting taxis or an Uber if you’re just trying to get from one block to the next. Often, you’re quicker on your feet due to the traffic. The New York subway system is also very quick and easy to use. It can take you all around the city, and you’re able to buy a MetroCard that can be loaded with money and used as you please.

When it comes to airport transfers, you have plenty of airports to choose from nearby. Here, your best bet is booking a private airport transfer in New York. It stops you from getting ripped off, and you avoid all the busy crowds in the Subway.

Staying In New York

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to staying in New York. There are loads of hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, Airbnb‘s, and so on. Our best advice is to avoid the really popular tourist areas if you want a cheap place to stay. Hotels near Times Square or the Rockefeller Center are often extortionate.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that it helps you during your stay in New York. One final tip; don’t be slow! The locals hate slow walkers or people that are slow to swipe their MetroCard. Everything is done at a fast pace in New York, so you better keep up!


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