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Russia is a vast country full of history and some of the most iconic cities in the world. Moscow is the capital city of Russia and is home to millions of people. It combines classic Russian architecture with an urban feel, creating the perfect city for tourists.

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There are plenty of things to do, and even more things to see. All the best tourist information and travel tips can be found in this guide.

Top Things To Do/See

Your trip to Moscow will undoubtedly take you on a cultural tour of Russia. There are so many iconic and historical sights here, it’s a fantastic place to educate yourself on the city and the country. Here are a few things you simply must see/do:

Visit The Red Square

Moscow’s Red Square is probably the most famous square in the world. This place will be packed full of tourists taking pictures of the iconic setting. It’s simply breathtaking to stand in the middle of the square and turn your head 360 degrees marvelling at everything you see. Quite a few of the other top sights and destinations on this list are actually in the Red Square, which makes tourism so much easier. Also, fun fact; the Red Square isn’t actually red! The stones in the square are black, so don’t be confused when you first get there.

Moscow’s Red Square

Go To The Kremlin

If you didn’t know, the Kremlin is a grand palace that houses the current president of Russia. It’s an architectural masterpiece, but getting inside the main building is tough. It costs a lot, and there are only a handful of tours allowed every month. But, there is a museum area that’s open to the public. You can go on a guided tour of the Kremlin Museum, looking at the world famous armoury collection. Fair warning; photography isn’t allowed inside the Kremlin.

See St Basil’s Cathedral

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Moscow, then you’ve likely seen the unique St Basil’s Cathedral. It looks like something from Disneyland Paris, but it’s become a legendary part of the city. These days, it’s a museum rather than a place of worship. You can go inside if you want, but it looks far better in pictures from outside.

Wander Around The Pushkin Museum

For those of you that have a keen eye for art, the Pushkin Museum is the place to be. There are some fine original pieces in here, and it’s devoted to Western art. You will spend a good few hours in here, just walking around, admiring the artwork.

Travelling Around Moscow

Getting around a foreign city can be extremely confusing. You want to know the quickest ways to get to all the top tourist spots, without spending too much money. Taxis are a great idea, particularly when travelling to and from the airport. There are plenty of Moscow taxi online booking sites that can hook you up with a ride in minutes. You probably don’t want to get in and out of a taxi as you travel around the city, so your best bet is to use the public transport offerings in Moscow.

The metro in Moscow is easily the best way to get around the city if you have destinations out of walking range. It’s a fairly cheap system, and you can buy a ticket that comes with multiple journeys loaded onto it. As well as using this ticket on the metro train system, you can also use it on local bus and trolley services. If you’re around for more than a couple of days, we recommend you buy a Troika card. It’s only RUB50 to buy, but you can reload it with money whenever you want. The beauty of the Troika is that you get discounted trips, and any money you don’t use can be turned into cash before you leave.

Staying In Moscow

As you’d expect from a big European city, there are plenty of places you can stay in Moscow. Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world such as Hilton, Ritz, and Radisson Blu all have spots here for you to stay. Naturally, there are plenty of private offerings too from the locals.

If you’re looking for a cheap stay, then keep an eye out for one of the many tourist-friendly hostels in the city.

Moscow is truly a beautiful city that has become a very affordable tourist destination as of late. Go during the winter if you can handle the cold or snow, or take a trip around May time to avoid the crowds of people travelling there. One final tip; always be respectful, particularly of any law enforcement there. Things have gotten a lot better in the past, but the police and airport customs officers have a reputation for being extremely strict.


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