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I have fallen down the rabbit hole that Pinterest has partly created for me. Most of us are visual people and I am full-on in that category. The interface for posting photos is simple (basically download an extension/add-on to your browser and right click on images you want to pin to one of your boards).

If you want to follow along with me on Pinterest, as I post up the various cool posters (some vintage travel posters, some from movies) that I find on the internet, you can click through to my profile here and follow along.

australia and cote d azur vintage travel posters

How much do I want to ride in that sports car? Ummmm…. even if it was in Monaco, sign me up! Hell, speaking of something I want to go see, an F1 race in Monaco just jumped to the top of my mind looking at these shots.

orient and palestine vintage travel posters

Ocean travel can be mind numbingly boring, at least the way I have done it, which is on cargo freighters. But I’ve always wanted to sail around the Med and that particular vintage travel poster gets my mind to wandering. Something to add to my to-do list.

russia and paris vintage travel posters

Oddly, I have never been to Paris. And Russia is not one of my favorite countries. But that being said, I love these vintage travel posters and their simplicity. 

mexico and atlantic city vintage travel poster

I am a sucker for gambling anywhere, and though I have never done it in Atlantic City, I’d be down for that. As to Mexico, I have spend some time there and need to spend a lot more. These make me want to go…. perhaps in a time machine.

normandy and france vintage travel posters

These are a different style than the other ones and they have that certain French look to them, I think. Reminds me slightly of my short time there in Bordeaux.

berne and oaxaca vintage travel posters

Colorful, colorful, colorful!

trieste and palestine vintage travel posters

I’ll finish with two of my favorites. Simple lines. Simple colors. Perfect.

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