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If you’re looking for scorching hot sun, sandy beaches, and plenty of things to do, then Los Angeles is the place to be. A trip to LA will be like no other holiday you’ve been on. There’s something special and unique about this city – there’s a reason so many celebs make it their home.

Los Angeles travel tips

Located in Southern California, this big and beautiful city caters to people of all different tastes and one thing you never have to worry about there is the weather to go visit — the best time to visit California is pretty much anytime at all.

There are cultural things to do, family-friendly destinations, and loads of fun things to see on your own too. If you’re seriously considering a holiday to LA, then read all of our amazing travel tips down below, since there are plenty of things to do in L.A.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Los Angeles is by plane. Especially if you’re flying in from a different country. You’ll be pleased to know there is no shortage of options for you here. The biggest and most well-known airport is LAX. Most international flights go directly to here, but there are four other airports that some domestic flights go as well.

The only issues with LAX are that it’s very busy, all the time, and it’s quite far from the main city area of LA. As such, you need to find out how you’ll get to and from your hotel. Private airport transfer in Los Angeles is very competitive, and there are loads of options for you. Due to how busy the airports are, we suggest you book well in advance. This stops you waiting for ages at the taxi line, or getting crammed into an airport transfer bus.

Getting Around

One of the drawbacks of LA is that it doesn’t have a very good public transport system. You can’t just hop on a train or metro system and get taken to the very best places. Instead, your best bet is getting around by car. You can do this either by renting your own vehicle or flagging down the local taxis/Uber drivers. Uber and Lyft are very popular here, particularly for short journeys.

The great thing is, areas like downtown LA and the main inner city are packed full of great things to do/see. So, you’ll often find yourself making one journey to a certain point, and being able to explore the rest by foot.

Staying In LA

Any hotel comparison site will give you a list of the best places to stay in LA. It can be a fairly expensive city, so if you want to save money, we suggest looking for 3-star hotels and below. The flipside of this is that a 3-star hotel in LA is normally way better than a 3-star hotel in a different city.

Your biggest choice is figuring out whereabouts in Los Angeles you wish to stay. It’s a massive region, and there are various different neighborhoods that might catch your eye.

Beverly Hills

This is a very famous area of LA that’s known for all the celebrities that live there. If you’re keen to do a bit of shopping during your trip – and are ready to pay for an expensive hotel – then this is a good option for you.

Beverly Hills


If you don’t want to stay near the hustle and bustle of the main city, then Malibu is a great option. It’s an area with loads of beaches, amazing weather, and fantastic nature trails. It’s more peaceful than somewhere like Beverly Hills, which you may enjoy.

Downtown LA

Downtown LA is the place to stay if you want to be close to the big city. Hotels here vary in price, and you’re really slap bang in a prime location. All the best restaurants, clubs, and general hotspots are within walking distance here.

Top Things To Do/Travel Tips For LA

Now, we move onto some of the more general travel tips for Los Angeles. This includes some of the best things to do/see, as well as some advice for tourists.

Visit Hollywood If You Love Movies

If you’re a massive fan of the movie industry, then Hollywood should be at the top of your travel itinerary. Go here and see the famous walk of fame with some of the biggest stars in the world printing their hands on the sidewalk. Spend as much time here as you like – you can even go on movie tours if you wish.

Take In The Views At Griffith Observatory

Make the short trip up Mount Hollywood to the famous Griffith Observatory. From here, you can observe the amazing views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. It’s utterly breathtaking, and the perfect spot for some incredible photos. There are also plenty of things to do inside the observatory as well, particularly if you love space and planets!

Wander Around Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the prime spots for tourists in LA. The sand is golden, the sea is gorgeous, and it’s just a lovely place to spend some time. One of the key sights here is the gym area on the beach, we don’t recommend you get involved unless you want to hear life stories from some of the regular bodybuilders that frequent the place.

Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re after entertainment and a great day out, then head to Universal Studios Hollywood. There are amazing rides to enjoy and a whole host of additional things to tickle your fancy. A fantastic place for kids if you’re on a family holiday too!

Santa Monica Sunset

Santa Monica pier is always full of tourists and locals enjoying the area. It’s a beautiful place, and our expert travel tip is to go there during the evening. Preferably, get there in time to see the sunset. It’s gorgeous, and then the pier feels like a carnival in the evening glow too.

Los Angeles is a massive place that’s pretty much impossible to take in all at once. Even those of you on week-long holidays will struggle to see/do everything. Use our travel tips to guide you during your stay, and we hope they help you get the most out of your holiday.


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