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New Zealand is a destination for many things, like rugby and beautiful scenery. But can the country become known as a sporting destination as well? The groundwork has certainly been laid for New Zealand to become one of the destinations that are synonymous with fun, but could it ever live up to the likes of Las Vegas or Macau in terms of fame and appeal?

In terms of the laws in New Zealand, there are definitely some things that have interfered with the country’s potential in this respect. Chief among those issues is the fact that there are very few locations operating in the country, with the Gambling Act 2003 designed to control the growth of gaming, arguably with an intent to ensure there isn’t an establishment on every street corner like you would see in Las Vegas.

There is also an interesting situation that has developed with sports speculation in New Zealand, as books based in New Zealand are illegal. Instead, fans have to look to the internet, as they are able to bet online using non-New Zealand based websites to get their sports action. Unfortunately, the lack of on-site and in-person sports betting with the exception of horse racing options at racetracks is another reason that New Zealand does not attract crowds. Sports fans can, however, visit one of the country’s many sports bars to discuss odds and tips with their peers.

But New Zealand does have a few things going for it that could lay the foundations for the country to become a gambling destination. One such positive is the presence of slot machines throughout the country, in places like bars and other social locations. While controversial to some in New Zealand, the presence of these slots – known as pokies – the spirit of New Zealand as a potential destination for bettors alive and well. If these machines can be combined with looser regulations on different types of wagering in the future, the country could find itself as a place that people flock to.

New Zealand also has a vibrant culture, thanks to the fact that there aren’t a ton of physical options to choose from in the country. Online wagering establishments based in New Zealand aren’t permitted due to the same laws that have prevented online games for sports fans, but players are allowed to use their devices to access any online casino listed in good review websites. You can find there legalized establishments such as Leo Vegas or Mr Green, which are located in other countries, in order to play games such as pokies, blackjack, roulette and more staples.

This is fortunate for bettors within the country, as it allows them to play games from the comfort of their home or on the go without having to go to a physical location. However, the availability of those options for New Zealanders does not make the country more appealing to those who want to take a trip, as those people can access the same online spots from anywhere in the world.

If New Zealand’s regulations were eased up, it could, combined with the beautiful scenery, make it an iconic gambling destination. For now, though, there is still a way to go and in the meantime, I think just going and camping in New Zealand is something well worth doing.

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  • Jeff

    I only know new Zealand from guest who has come to lombok-Indonesia for trekking, and they telling a beautiful of their country, they have rules that they believe that everyone has to take care of the land, so that it can give back to humans this agreement is called the ataki agreement. New information for me
    Thank you

  • George

    Ah, New Zealand. It’s been in my bucket list like forever, but I always fail to visit it. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post.

  • Lydia

    Hi Michael, I always love New Zealand. So relaxing and surrounded by nature that surely you want to come back again and again.

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