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Kate is cool. Period. Suppose it is kinda lazy to stop there, so I’ll go on, but if you aren’t reading her blog Adventurous Kate and following her on Twitter, you are simply missing out.

Kate built up an incredibly devoted following, even before she took to the road. Recently, she’s embarked on her extended travels and currently she is in Southeast Asia — in fact, just last week, she was twittering from a movie set on a beach… which she of course talked her way into appearing in.

I hope she remembers me when she hits it big. Luckily, I caught her early on in her inevitable rise to the top and she agreed to answer my Lucky 13 questions:

1.  Best movie that no one has ever heard of?

2 Days in Paris. Julie Delpy wrote, produced and starred in this movie about a thirtysomething couple whose life unravels in her hometown of Paris after a disastrous holiday in Venice.  It’s a very funny movie and a very honest one — and it paints a picture of a Paris you’ve never seen.

2.  Worst pick-up line you have ever heard?

It wasn’t a pickup line, per se, but one night in Buenos Aires, a guy in the hostel tried to pick me up by pretending to cry at the end of Liar Liar.  You know, when Jim Carrey runs around yelling, “I love my son!  I love my son!”?  Yeah, let’s just say it didn’t exactly get the outcome for which he hoped.

3.  Fill in the blank: in 2010, the most surprising thing that happened to me was ____________.

Finally taking the plunge and quitting my job to travel the world.  The timing was as close to perfect as it would ever get, so I went for it!  I’m a week into it and so incredibly happy.

the lovely durian

4.  Food you want everyone to try once.

Durian, and for one reason: there’s nowhere to go but up.  It’s the most vile food in the world, smelling and tasting like a foot covered in onions.  The Thais go crazy over it, which is a mystery to me.

5.  Travel blogger that you most look forward to reading every week.

So, so many!  I love Wandering Earl.  Being on the road for 11 years, he has so many stories to tell, both entertaining and useful.  Amanda at A Dangerous Business writes beautifully — I’m blown away at the effort she puts in each week!  Art of Backpacking always has great, quality posts from its two writers.  The Jetpacker is the funniest travel blog out there — they always make me laugh!

6.  You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours.  Give me your itinerary.

24 hours?  Seriously, that’s it?  Okay, I’m flying out every friend I have to Vegas and we’re partying up at Tao Beach at the Venetian  during the day and Tryst Nightclub at the Wynn at night, bottles popping all over the place, everyone cannonballing into the pool.


7.  Who plays you in the movie about your life?

Marion Cotillard is my Doppelganger…my hotter, Frencher doppelganger.  I wouldn’t mind seeing her play me!

8.  Single best technical tip (not “have good content”) you can give other bloggers to get more traffic to their site.

Other than basics like good content and basic SEO, try featuring other bloggers frequently (like the Mobile Lawyer is doing here!).  When you feature other people, they do much of the sharing for you, and you’ll likely win a few subscribers in the process.

9.  If you could be transported to one exact day and location in the past, when and where would that be?

I’d love to spend time in Florence during the Renaissance.  I spent a semester studying there, and the love and appreciation of the arts has remained in the city to this day.  I can’t imagine how much creativity must have been flowing during the reign of the Medici!

answer to 10 should be, when Barbara shows this pic of me and my lost love, Vanilla Ice

10.  In a Barbara Walters interview with you, what question most likely gets you to either laugh or cry?

“Tell me about visiting refugees in Bangkok.”  I spent a few days this week visiting Sri Lankan refugee families in Bangkok, and it was the most eye-opening and emotional experience of my life.  These beautiful families, these gentle, kind, hospitable people, have escaped from hell and are now forced to live under incredibly tragic conditions.  And yet there is so much joy that radiates from them.  These people need help.  Visit to learn more about them and how you can help.

11.  What is your lucky charm or biggest superstition?

I’m a big believer in astrology, which I know many people dismiss as superstition.  It probably helps that I’m a quintessential Leo!

12.  Let’s hear one of your guilty pleasures — a good, embarrassing one.

CELEBRITY GOSSIP.  And especially two celebrity gossip blogs — Dlisted and Crazy Days and Nights.  I have a particular aficionado for blind items.

13.  You get to ask one person in history one yes/no question and get a completely 100% answer.  What is your question?

Could I bring video?  I’d go to Jesus, ask him what he thinks about gay people, and broadcast his answer to the world.  You know he’d love the gays.

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I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

27 thoughts on “Interview with Kate McCulley of Adventurous Kate: Lucky 13 Questions

  • Sofia

    hehe great interview – Kate sounds like a wonderful and fun person, hope to meet up with her soon in SEA 🙂

    • Adventurous Kate

      Honestly, on my first day in Thailand, I got a durian Popsicle at the Grand Palace. Worst idea EVER.

  • Tran

    on #13 – nice! been following adventurouskate lately and was delighted to find out that she is true to her name. that girl can def talk her way into some interesting adventures!

    • Adventurous Kate

      Oh Tran, that is SO nice for you to say!! For the record, I didn’t have to talk myself into the movie shoot (a friend hooked me up) but I’ve always been about embracing the unknown and scary!

  • Amanda

    Aww, thanks for the shout-out in #5 Kate! I’m flattered. And, for the record, Kate is one of my very favorite bloggers, too. I love reading all about her crazy adventures.

    • Adventurous Kate

      Thanks, Shannon! My best friend has a bumper sticker that says “Get Real: Like Jesus would own a gun and vote Republican.” so true!

    • Annie

      Agreed! Everyone knows it’s true… plus Jesus is the one that turned water into wine. And people have the nerve to say you shouldn’t party… idiots!

  • DebbieHM

    Kate is my favorite blogger. I live vicariously through her writing and photos. But photo number three is not AdventurousKate. Who is it?DHM

  • Earl

    Wow! Absolutely honored that you listed me above Kate. I guess we fellow Bostonians must stick together 🙂

    And just like with your posts, your answers above offer a refreshingly unique perspective on life, making it ever so enjoyable and entertaining to read. Keep on enjoying yourself in wonderful Thailand!

    (And on the opposite end of the spectrum from Durian is jackfruit…which is, ohh so yummy!)

  • Jaime D.

    Kate you are the best!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the answer to number 13!!! I would want you to share that with the world all at once so they can get it together and realize we are ALL equal!!!

  • Andi

    Awesome interview with a fabulous person! Kate you and I are BOTH the quintessential Leos, love it! Our paths soooo need to cross.

  • Annie

    Great interview! Love Kate’s blog, I look forward to new post from her everyday! Adventurous is definitely the best word to describe her!

  • Mike

    I’m new to your site, so it looks like Kate’s interview tip worked! I couldn’t agree more with her last answer! I’m looking forward to following and reading your site.

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