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This Week in Travel is one of my favorite travel podcasts. I was recently quite honored to be invited as a guest and talk about some news in travel and the Ultimate Train Challenge (coming this September!  Get over there, sign up on the forums and start giving us some advice and tips!).

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OK, plug over.

So I was listening a few months back and they were discussing a study that said that 1 in 4 men carry teddy bears with them while traveling for business. The men supposedly reported that their stuffed animals remind them of home and the significant others they have to leave behind.

I was as shocked as the hosts and guests were about this bit of odd news. I actually googled it up and wonder of wonders… there actually is such a study. Here is the link to the CNN article on it. Turns out the author of that column actually does still have his childhood teddy bear — though he claims to not travel with it.

Yea right, buddy.

Fast forward a little bit and I am on an overnight bus in Colombia. Actually, you don’t have to fast forward too far, this was only two weeks after hearing this amazing teddy bear news. I look across the aisle of the bus as the day turned to night and we all got ready to sleep and what did I see…..

guy traveling with teddy bear on bus

Sweet dreams, senõr. Your secret is safe with me….

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40 thoughts on “Men Traveling with Teddy Bears

  • Peter the Finn

    I always travel with a teddy bear or another favourite stuffed animal – both for business and leisure.

  • Iain Mallory

    Haha I have a small Bloomfield Bear permanently attached to my daypack, he is the mascot of the footie team I support Blackpool FC and travelled to god knows how many countries in his own right. Had a few people try to ‘remove’ him once or twice, fortunately always spotted them and had a few ‘hawkers’ ask to do an exchange with me when they have been informed I haven’t any money. Would not dream of leaving him behind on my travels now. Come to think of it can probably write better than me anyway, should get him to do that!

  • jill- Jack and JIll Travel

    How cute! You know we actually met a British guy who’s traveling with a small teddy bear. When asked, he said something about doing for a charity – but he was definitely being vagued about it. Now it makes me wonder…

  • Aly

    It is an interesting study, might test some of our ideas about appropriate image for “manhood” but I would be interested in seeing this study expanded. Is this more common in certain countries, ethnicity, age groups, ect.? I wouldn’t be surprised if men in Asia have a higher percentage of having stuffed animals, as it’s more OK there for men to have ‘cute’ things.

    Though seeing a burly man with a teddy bear would still make me raise an eyebrow!

  • Don Faust

    Sounds like CNN is intending the study to drum up controversy and website hits. Who does a scientific study like that anyway? I’ll bet if I asked the first 10 guys in my hotel if they have their teddy with them, I doubt many would admit.

    Nice candid photo though!

  • John

    When a man can travel with a teddy bear, then he is probably more secure in his identity than those whop wouldn’t dream of taking one on their travels. Anyone like to gift me one? 😉

  • Julie

    I’ve been reading my favourite travel blogs for a few months now and this is my first comment. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face on a much needed day. Love it.

  • Juan Haffer

    Ha, the glories of being in a big moving tube with a bunch of other people for a long time.

  • Christy @ Ordinary Traveler

    Aww… how cute. I don’t know where they got these men for the studies because I don’t know a single guy who brings a teddy bear with him when traveling. At least that I know of.

  • Giulia

    Wonder how it fits in his backpack :/ Also, I don’t think I could sleep if I were the passenger next to him! For me, it’s kinda creepy.

  • Juno

    hahaha……!!!!!!! what a great capture!! I also have travel buddies but not like that!! I occasionally took my Kiwi brothers (it’s a thumb – animal) or caterpillar as a small pillow. haha I’m not sure I’m a fan of teddy bear either. Even though I have this hipster mug with teddy bear on it (it was a gift due to some inside joke).

  • Raymond

    I have a stuffed teddy bear that I may or may not take with me on my travels. It was a gift from one of my students and she actually cross-stitched my intials into the bear. I’d feel like an ogre for throwing him out…

  • Amanda

    Haha, awww.

    I’ll admit that I still have a few stuffed animals on my bed, though none of them travel with me. What DOES sometimes travel with me, however, is an old tattered blanket that I’ve had since I was born. “Blankie” really should be thrown out, but I simply can’t do it!

  • Pete Heck

    I just can’t believe that stat. 1 in 4 seems really high (myself being in the 3 of 4 category). I have yet to see a dude with a stuffed bear, but then again, I’m not really paying much mind to what they are clinging onto

  • Hogga

    HAHAHA omg. amazing!
    I still do have my childhood stuffed bunny… his name is bunny. I was creative as a child.
    Anywhoo, I don’t travel with him, he’s really small, but beat to death and fragile..

  • Candice

    This is just strange and amazing. Also, so glad I’m not the only adult who sleeps with a teddy bear. Mine is a giraffe named Elizabeth.

  • Tijmen

    haha, what a great shot 🙂 I don’t think I have my old teddybears anymore, even if I would have them, I wouldn’t take them with me.

  • Elle

    I think it’s adorable when I find out men I know sleep with a stuffed animal. Plus, it makes me feel better about bringing my stuffed monkey Isabelle along with me on my adventures 🙂

  • Erica

    Good lord that is a massive bear to be traveling around with! I also couldn’t imagine backpacking around the world hauling the extra weight… lol

  • Dina

    Haha, if I carry teddy bear that size in my backpack, I only have an extra place for this laptop and nothing else!

  • Cailin

    Haha that is so cute!
    I personally haven’t traveled with a bear in a long time but my sister who is almost 30 still does! 🙂

  • Theodora

    OMFG. And I thought stuffed animals were the preferred accompaniment of ageing women with daddy issues. That is one terrifying statistic. Though the sweater in the picture does match the bear quite well.

  • Roy

    I traveled with a Paddington bear for 5 years. 40+ countries. Took pictures with him everywhere. Until I left him in a bar in upstate New York last summer! (Too much tequila).

    Still hurts….(and another reason why I don’t take anymore photos).

  • Norm

    Seeing him holding it so tight, are you sure you were not going through a border that night, maybe he was hiding some stuff in there. Thats pretty funny, I guess I could imagine someone with a small thing but that is way too much. Issues, issues.

  • Nancie

    You set that picture up,,,,,,,come on ‘fess up. The guy would need a separate back pack just for “teddy”. Laughing hysterically here……now I am going to be obsessed with finding men who carry bears!! The question is…………ARE THEY REAL MEN????…………….:)

  • Georgette Harris

    I don’t know where they got these men for the studies because I don’t know a single guy who brings a teddy bear with him when traveling. I think it’s adorable when I find out men I know sleep with a stuffed animal. Haha that is so cute! Mine is a giraffe named Elizabeth.

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