Amazing Travel-ish Videos — the Space Episode 12

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As a new part of my newsletter every month, I decided to add a section of links to various posts, stories, videos and other stuff that I have found on the internet in the last month that will hopefully be interesting to you. The feedback has been very positive about it and I realized this week that once a month might not be frequent enough, because… I find a lot of interesting stuff.

Earth from space 640 HDR

amazing shot of Earth from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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So I am going to occasionally find some of the best travel videos out there on the internet, especially of time-lapse photography, since that is going to be one of my big photo projects this year. Get ready for the Angkor Wat time-lapse soon.

But in the meantime, who doesn’t want to go into space??! It is the ultimate travel adventure. So for those of us fascinated with possibly hitting the lottery and being able to afford Virgin Galactic’s price tag to head into space, enjoy these great videos I found this week.

The Wonder of Earth from the Skies Above

This video is of a pair of new, solar active regions that just rotated into view and offered a beautiful profile view of cascading loops spiraling above it (Jan. 15-16, 2012) following a solar flare eruption. This particular video clip used an image every five minutes to present the motion. Note all of the other spurts and minor bursts from both regions during almost two days. It is from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Fragile Oasis – Connecting Space and Earth: Learn. Act. Make A Difference.

A really amazing view of Earth from space. As the station goes over earth, you can see the lights on from the planet and also some very cool lightning storms from above.

This video was taken by the crew of Expedition 30 on board the International Space Station. The sequence of shots was taken December 29, 2011 from 20:55:05 to 21:14:09 GMT, on a pass from over central Africa, near southeast Niger, to the South Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar. The complete pass is over southern Africa to the ocean, focusing on the lightning flashes from local storms and the Milky Way rising over the horizon.

The Milky Way can be spotted as a hazy band of white light at the beginning of the video. The pass continues southeast toward the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar. The Lovejoy Comet can be seen very faintly near the Milky Way. The pass ends as the sun is rising over the dark ocean.

Video courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center — many more space videos here.

In The Land Of The Northern Lights from Ole C. Salomonsen on Vimeo.

The last one is a more traditional, time-lapse video. It is of the northern lights from northern Norway. It is a sight that I look forward to in the next few years. I’ll count this as fitting into this “space” theme, since the action occurs in semi-space at least.

So tell me what you think. Are you excited about possibly being able to travel in space in our lifetimes? Do you want me to keep finding and bringing you some cool travel videos to you in the coming months?

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I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

12 thoughts on “Amazing Travel-ish Videos — the Space Episode

  • Vivian34

    Hope you will keep on keep finding and bringing some cool travel videos to us.. This is so amazing… The videos are great! Thank you for sharing this Michael…

  • Armand

    This is a great information about our planet earth.I hope people would realized how beautiful our planet is. And stop abusing it using a harmful materials that can harm our environment. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • Laura

    Cool videos. Seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of my bucket list and this is one of the best videos I’ve seen of them!

  • gabby

    Wow! Videos are totally amazing! Sometimes we need to refresh our minds about the universe. It’s great to explore! Thanks for the video Michael!

  • Kate

    You know, the idea of “traveling” to space almost makes me rethink how I define traveling. It just can’t fathom it, or what it would be like and I’m not sure I would even approach it the same way I would taking a trip to say, Iceland. I think if I was 90 years old I would go, younger then that, I would hold off, leave space to my imagination.

    Can’t wait to see your time-lapse Angkor Wat – that place calls to me like no other.

  • Rob

    The HDR image is awesome and so are all the videos,
    ** Although the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center forgot to expose for the stars around the planet.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      LOL, yea I’m not sure they are photo experts, but their stuff is fabulous regardless, I think.

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