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EDIT: 100 people have already signed up in the last few days. So I am already giving away a $100 Amazon certificate… if 100 more people sign up before December 15th, my birthday, I will add another $50 certificate give-away. Thanks!


It has been a little while since I posted last time and I wish I had a really good excuse, but mostly it has just been me moving around and not getting anything edited and written. But that being said, I do have a bit of news about some things that are upcoming on this website and my life.

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First things first, I have finally gotten around to a project I wanted to get around to about six months ago. I am going to start doing a monthly newsletter.

You can sign up by scrolling over to the sidebar over there on your right. The top item is the sign-up box. Input your email address there and hit the button. You’ll get an email sent you your inbox for you to confirm you really signed up, hit the link there and… get ready for my first newsletter in about a week or so.

The newsletter is going to highlight some of the posts I think were the best on my site and some other sites in the previous month and will also have some unique content that won’t be on my website.

I hope you will enjoy the content I am going to be sending you (if you sign up) and I promise not to spam your inbox. It is my hope that you will find the content I will be delivering to you once a month or so will be well worth your effort to sign up.

So, if just my promise that the newsletter’s content alone isn’t enough to get you to sign up, let me add this.

I am going to give one of you $100 for signing up.

My birthday is on December 15th, which is also the date in 2008 that I started by round-the-world trip and basically started this life of semi-permanent travel. So, I have decided that I am going to use a random number generator to choose one person that signs up for the newsletter between now and my birthday and I will give them a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Good content, stuff you can’t get on my website normally AND possibly getting $100 for the holiday season? Seriously, why haven’t you already signed up yet?

In other news, I think I am going to have some interesting developments coming up in the next few months. I have a few projects that are about to kick off that could help define what I am doing in 2012 and beyond. I’ve had some fun with some projects in 2011, like the Ultimate Train Challenge and I am ready for more, more, more.

One project I think you are going to get a chance to see in just a few weeks is a series of time lapse videos that I am doing with Holger of Veo el Mundo. We have a very unique spin on some videos that we are going to rollout on our websites and also a new one that we just started.

Another project I hope comes to fruition is a part-time social media consulting business with a couple other travel blogging friends. Its a bit too early to mark this one off in the “success” column yet, but I think I might be able to tell you more about it in just a few weeks, once we get a few ducks in a row.

My Big Decision for 2012

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I have finally decided that I am going to write. For those of you thinking, “but you do write – you do this website,” I thank you and totally appreciate you, but… this isn’t serious writing.

It’s time for me to finally commit to real writing.

I have been recently reading through some amazing interviews with writers over the last 60 years that have just been put online for the Paris Review. If you fancy yourself a writer, or even if you just enjoy learning more about some of your favorite authors, I highly recommend them. They are truly fascinating.

michael hodson writing on computer in train

though I won't be writing in a train car...

What I did learn is that 95% of them, or more, treated their writing as a full time job. Six or seven days a week. Five or six hours a day. Day after day.

I don’t. And if I want to get serious about this, I need to.

This will be somewhat complicatedΒ for me because I do have other projects out there and I do need to keep up with them, and this website, in order to keep some income coming in. So, I am going to commit to writing six days a week, for four hours a day every morning. And I am going to write long-hand, away from my computer… and the internet. That schedule will still leave me some time to work on my other stuff, but hopefully allow me to get into a good rhythm of putting words to paper and hopefully get two writing projects done in 2012 that I have wanted to do since my trip: my book about my RTW trip and a movie screenplay about an idea I had on the trip.

Lots more to talk about on that topic as the calendar turns over to 2012, but in the meantime… sign up for my newsletter, pass the word to your friends, and get ready for a big 2012. I have been a lucky guy so far in life — let’s see if I can double down on that.

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About Michael Hodson

I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

34 thoughts on “News and Newsletter and…. Giving Away $100 to You

  • Melanie Reece

    Congratulations! What an amazing adventure into the literary world full time!

    Have you written an article on the most affordable and easiest ways for Americans traveling to access the internet? I’m headed to Switzerland & France in a few weeks and not sure what’s the cheapest way to get access – or if it’s even worth it for a quick week vacation abroad. Just curious if you have any simple tricks.


    • Michael Hodson Post author

      European internet is pretty easy. You will find that most hotels and hostels have wifi (though oddly, the higher priced the hotel, the more the cost of wifi). There are also plenty of internet cafes everywhere and coffee shops and other places that have free wifi if you are buying something from them. No worries at all in that part of the world.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Hell, I look forward, already, to the book being done. But there is this… work thing… that apparently I still need to do. Damn it.

  • Akila

    I think that’s the best way to commit to writing is to set aside a time every day and just do it. That being said, I have a hard time getting off the internet because I do a lot of research for my books while I’m on the internet. Either way, it’s a great goal and I wish you loads of luck!

    (And, if you ever get stuck, tired, or disgruntled with writing, shoot me an email. It happens to me about once a week and I’ve found that it helps a lot to talk to other folks dealing with the same stuff.)

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Hmmmm, you know what I might need is a few active readers to check out my stuff as I go along…. can swap reading your novel with you, if you want.

  • bethany

    Sounds like an exciting time you have lined up. In my opinion there are few better times in life then the ones where your dreams start to become actual reality and you start working on them. Nothing can really replace the passion of a dream in the beginning stages. πŸ™‚

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Well, I don’t know yet about the dreams becoming reality. I am not really dreaming too much about 4-5 hours of writing every day, but…. that being said. I need to get off my ass and finally DO the work to make some stuff happen. Damn it.

  • Amanda

    Sounds like big things on the horizon for you! Good for you, though. You deserve it!

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of newsletters and the like, too, so I’ll be interested to see what you do with yours!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Yea, everyone says the newsletter is key. I agree with them 100%, but just haven’t gotten off my duff to get it started.

  • Erin

    Glad to hear you are going to get the book done. But long hand?! I guess you need to get as far away from the internet as possible!

  • jade

    I need to commit to writing more often myself- I notice that my writing style gets more defined and well, better, when I’m writing more often. maybe a new years resolution that I stick to?! Good luck and excited to hear about the future plans… hopefully it includes meeting up again in 2012~

  • Phil

    I’m in πŸ™‚ Good luck with the writing. Disconnecting is the best way to get it done. I know my work rate is often held hostage to various online distractions.

  • Brooke vs. the World

    Oh my god, writing without a computer?! Good luck mate πŸ™‚ You should just get a cheapo laptop/netbook that only has a word processor and no internet card for doing your writing…. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the newsletter and the $100 I am about to get!

  • Nomadic Samuel

    Good luck with your plans in 2012. I think once you start finding a daily rhythm for your writing it’ll feel more like a routine than a chore.

  • John

    I can’t believe it! Have people really commented on a post that just says you are going to produce a Monthly Newsletter? Some people will comment on anything. πŸ˜‰
    Michael how about another trans Pacific voyage for a few months of writing?

  • Anne McKinnell

    Hi Michael! Wow, you know you and I have a lot in common! First, December 15th is also my birthday! I am older than you though πŸ™‚ Second, I made a decision last year to change my life and career by travelling and photographing full time. Third, I just started my own email newsletter using mailchimp. And finally fourth, I decided to dedicate more of my time to writing more than just my blog and just released my first ebook about photography. (It’s free when you sign up for my newsletter).

    Well, I’ve enjoyed following your journey since I found you recently and now I’m looking forward to more in your newsletter.


  • Stephanie

    Not sure how I found your site and then FB and then the Newsletter, but I do enjoy hearing your stories. I relocated to Seoul with my family for a few years (1.5 yrs ago) and started blogging about it. It’s been since March since I wrote last-got busy (but haven’t given up hope of doing it again). What I found people liked hearing the most were there everyday crazy things that happened-things I now refer to as TIK (This is Korea). They might not seem as interesting to you, but you would be surprised how entertaining it can be to just read about someone else’s adventures.
    Good luck and I look forward to reading about your travels (and possibly hitting a few spots while we are here).

  • Hogga

    I hope I enjoy the newsletter too… although if I don’t it might actually get me out of Canada to come beat you up! πŸ™‚

    In all seriousness, good luck with all your projects, you can do it, just keep your head up.

    Did I just say something sincere? Fuck I’m tired. I need off the internet.

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