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best street art in valencia spainGraffiti and I have a true love/hate relationship. Although I love Italy dearly, each and every time I go back, I am aghast at the amount of graffiti painted onto architectural masterpieces, but on the other hand there is some great stuff, like the  street art in Valencia, Spain

I can’t imagine what sort of person would scrawl their name on the side of the Duomo.

On the other hand, I have seen some truly inspired street art from all over the world and have taken photos of much of it. The central part of Bogota was one of the first places I broke my camera out, solely on the quest for great street art.

There are some great street artists working all over the world, quite worthy of respect and support, as long as they also

appreciate the appropriateness of the locations where they conduct their calling.

My appreciation for street art starts with the mere aesthetics. Simply put, do I like how it looks? But excellent street art takes it to the next level with a good message. Art that not only is visually appealing, but also makes you stop and think for a moment – that is what my eye in on the lookout for as I wander and that’s what I found with the street art in Valencia.

This street art I found down an alleyway in Valencia, Spain before I headed south to Denia aced both of my criteria. Simple, meaningful, and well done.

best street art in valencia spain best street art in valencia spain

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8 thoughts on “Best Street Art in Valencia, Spain

  • Stephen

    This is visually refreshing street art. Most street art I see if very Bansky-esqe or Bansky-inspired. Not that I don’t like Bansky, just that it’s not very original anymore.

  • Noah Lederman

    My favorite street art is out the window of the 7 Train in NYC, the murals in London-Derry, and around the streets of Philly. I’ve gotta check out Bogota. Almost went down there once with a friend who wanted to break up a Columbian wedding. Glad he reconsidered.

  • Arianwen

    Have you been to Valparaiso in Chile? That place totally changed my view on graffiti. It’s so colourful and interesting.

  • Jade

    Wow, those are really unique. I actually love street art (not graffiti) but those top everything I’ve seen so far.

    It’s such a disgrace when you see people ruined a beautiful site to carve their petty name.. the worst I saw were people ticking their fingers in the bacterial muck of the morning glory pool in yellowstone effectively destroying the bacteria.

    Street art though is completely different, allowing a voice to a usually repressed population, when done right it’s provocative and beautiful at the same time.

    Nicely done!

  • Mariella (Bridgekeeping Traveller)

    Best place for street art in Europe: Gdansk in Poland. Whole city quarter of Zaspa is decorated with it. Beautiful!!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I haven’t had a chance to hit Poland much at all yet. Just one quick night there on my train challenge. Need to get back for sure.

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