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That pretty much sums up my last couple weeks. The last I left you, I was moving from Valencia, which was a city that just simply didn’t work for me right now, down the coast a couple hours to a smaller town called Denia.

I was looking for a smaller town by the water, close enough to the Mediterranean to be able to smell the salt water while I had an end-of-the-work-day glass of wine and cigar.

Mission accomplished.

reasons to visit denia spain

this photo was actually taken about an hour south of Denia

reasons to visit denia spain

working ports make me happy

I love water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, the rain. Any form of water almost instantly soothes and calms me. For me, water means life. Although I find deserts can be beautiful and quietly peaceful places also, when push comes to shove, I always feel more at home at any place where water is plentiful.

reasons to visit denia spain

angels in prison — for what, I do not know

That isn’t to say that Denia is an overwhelming beautiful place. It isn’t.

Its a nice little city though and although it isn’t the most quaint or photogenic spot, that wasn’t my primary goal in picking it out. I just needed a spot to have some time alone, recharge my personal batteries, and get some work done. For that, this little town suited the bill just fine.

reasons to visit denia spain

Carrots gunna kill you, dude!


outdoor cafes in denia spain

outdoor cafe culture

But what I found in Denia was a nice little hostel that was almost completely empty, since the tourist season was over (I actually had the place entirely to myself for 7 of my 11 days there). Its called Denia Meeting Point. It was 20€ a night; the beds were comfortable; the breakfast was fine; and the wifi worked well.

That’s pretty much what I needed, as long as it was near the water.

The above photo was one of the reasons I really liked it here. I love the outdoor cafe culture in Europe and although this wasn’t the most scenic of towns, there were dozens of places that I could eat, drink, and smoke outside. After a full day working on various online projects, that’s how I wanted to finish each day.

Tomorrow, I am headed back north again, up to the Costa Brava region. I’ve been given a lead on another small coastal town up there that I haven’t experienced yet, so I’m going to give it a try. And my good friend Jaume tells me that I might be able to go see my first professional football game next week… so cross your fingers for me. Barcelona!

p.s. these photos were all taken using my new phone and posted originally to my Instagram account. If you’d like to follow my photo postings over on Instagram, I think this link should get you over there to follow along. Thanks!

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