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I’ve been using HDR photography methods for quite some time now.

One thing I discovered by accident was how you can go “ghost photos” using one on of the HDR apps on my Android phone. In short, the phone takes 3 photos — one exposed correctly, one under exposed, and one over exposed, and then combines them into one final HDR photo. If you time things correctly, you can get someone or something to only appear in one of those three photos, thereby creating a ghost image you can see through.

I kinda love it.

Hope you do as well.


Another_ghost__this_one_on_the_Underground._Harder_to_see_than_some_of_my_others. Caught_another_ghost_on_London Eating_lunch__incostabrava_when_I_ran_across_another_ghost_car. Ghost_car__incostabrava Ghosts_on_Soho._Let_s_hope_not_haunting_my_room_at__nadlerhotels__ Ghosts_waiting_for_the_train I_love_a_accidental_surprises._See_the_ghostshadow_in_this I_think_I_m_going_to_try_to_attempt_to_specialize_in_ghost_Instagram_photos_henceforth Late_afternoon_ghosts_in_the_park. More_ghosts_in_London



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