Sexiest hotel rooms in Paris, France

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Sexiest Hotel Rooms in Paris

When it comes to romance, Paris is the number one city for all the tourists of the world to visit. Couples of any age come to the capital of France for the unique atmosphere of love that it radiates all around. It’s important that nothing interferes with that spirit for your whole stay. To achieve this, a couple goes to romantic places, restaurants and surely stays in a hotel for lovers.

Some of those hotels in Paris advertise themselves as “romantic” or “sexy”, but it takes experience to know for sure, because tastes differ. One person may see classic style as romantic, while others just love rustic or even modern interiors. It’s a good thing that cuisine is not really a question, but when it comes to rooms – everyone has his own understanding of what’s right. Whether you are looking for a Paris hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower or of the Seine, there are plenty of great options available.

This list of the sexiest hotel rooms in Paris has been made by Cluberia for you to have options and see what the city of love offers to its visitors. Let’s start with the luxury variants first and go down to budget ones.

#1 Superior Room in Villa Pantheon

This is a luxury room for a couple who likes to spend time together with style and class. The interiors are breathtaking and inviting for a romantic stay. The service is also very satisfying with the right understanding of the “Do not disturb” sign, as well as the instant need for something in particular.

#2 Deluxe Spacious Double Room in Castille Paris

Castille Paris is where they leave fresh flowers on the table for you every day and meet you. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to leave the Deluxe Spacious Double Room for the first few days, even knowing there’s Paris around you. The Venetian decorations, the view, the service – they all just scream “Love each other here and now!”.

#3 Superior Double Room in Hotel Meurice

Though it’s not a palace of any sort, the room would make you feel like you’re the Royal Couple. Again, you won’t leave before you get everything from the pure spirit of romance radiating there. Even afterwards, you’d be waiting just to come back to your royal quarters, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve had to see.

Of course, it’s not all about luxury and expensive suites. Romance doesn’t differentiate the quality of the place, right? A ballroom or a barnyard – a loving couple will always feel great as long as they have each other. Paris offers both variants with thousands of options to make sure every person gets what he or she wants. Candles, spa procedures, park walks, antique furniture, velvet curtains, silk bedding – whatever a loving couple may want.

#4 Double Room in Gardette Hotel

This one is simply romantic – all white and lightened, it gives you the feeling of complete relaxation and reclusiveness. Ever had the moments when it felt like there’s nothing else in the world or nothing else just matters? Well, Gardette hotel is just what you need if you enjoy that kind of atmosphere.

#5 Rive Droite in Hotel Edouard 7

You’ll just be amazed – it’s a guarantee. The interior is so sexy that you’ll find yourself floating in the romantic attitude and probably won’t leave until next week. For those, who like velvet curtains and kitsch – this is the best choice. In Rive Droite of Hotel Edouard 7, you’ll surely know what the true spirit of Paris is like.

#6 Superior Room in Grand Hotel Champaigne

Well, superior is always better, but you shouldn’t think that the word “Grand” in the hotel’s name will cost you even more. The room is just great for a 3-star place and it reminds of the bourgeois manors of the 18th century. A loving couple would feel really organic in such a marvelous interior with a “Do not disturb” sign hanging on the doorknob.

You shouldn’t forget that you’re the one who actually makes the atmosphere alive. Without all the tourists, Paris would be just another European city. Lovers make it “The City of Love” – they’re the reason others come there. It’s like a closed circuit – some of them come to Paris and share their love with its spirit, others come because the first ones started it. No one actually knows how it happened from the very beginning. Paris was always the center of France’s cultural life, but that’s not enough to become the international city of lovers, right?

One thing that isn’t talked about much when people talk about Paris are the amazing things to see and places to stay that are in the area but outside the main part of town. For me, the best of those are the amazing castles you can see near Paris, because I’m a huge history lover.

There’s a theory that it all started from the numerous French romantic novels of the 18th-19th centuries, which portrayed Paris as a city with a unique atmosphere of love on every street. As a fact – it was quite a controversial place with luxury being right next to dirty and stinky slums. Though, people tended to believe what the books said about it and some of them were just blinded by the residual “romantic atmosphere” to see the real picture. Today there’s a thing known as “Paris syndrome” which means that you’ve become depressed by the disappointment in that city. Some get it, some don’t, but it’s clear that one has to see for himself and not believe anything written about it.

Your move? Come to Paris with your beloved one right now! Choose one of those sexiest rooms and see if it’s true what they say. Once you’ve tried for yourself, you’d have the right to complain about your “Paris syndrome” or add your part into the legendary atmosphere of love and romance of the city.

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