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One of the things that I have written about several times over the years is how important being able to listen to music is for myself as a solo traveler, and there have been plenty of occasions when I have retreated from the world of travel to enjoy the tunes coming through the headphones.

An exciting innovation that I recently discovered was the real wood headphones produced by LTSN, and I was pleased they were happy to partner with me to experiment with these new headphones. As they cleverly point out, wood is used in many musical instruments so in many ways it makes sense to use them for headphones — and these offer a very good listening experience.


The Importance Of A Good Pair Of Headphones

As a regular traveler, one of the things that I always have with me is an iPod packed with my favorite playlists, and while those playlists can vary with my mood, it is when I struggle with some aspects of travel that I really need the music. Personally, I usually have a pair of earbuds packed that I use when I’m on public transport when I want something quite subtle, along with a larger pair that I use once I’m in the hostel or hotel room. One of the most memorable times when I retreated into my musical playlists was after I had just been shaken down for cash by Lithuanian police, and my 80s play-list was the refuge I needed to recover after a bad end to a tough few days.

The LSTN Bowery Earbuds


Both the headphones and the earbuds offered by LSTN are available in a selection of four types of wood, and like the classic guitars that have rocked many music videos, I found the Cherry Wood Bowery earbuds to be my favorite. The sound that I get through the buds is very good, and the in line mic is handy should I ever need to take a call while I’m out and about and listening to music. This was a really impressive set of earbuds that were comfortable with some high quality sound, and they are definitely made with real wood, which gives the items a wonderful authenticity too.

The Fillmore Headphones


The second pair of headphones that I have also tried is the Fillmore, which is a more traditional over the head pair of headphones, and it is in these phones that the distinctive natural grain of the wood is best seen. The padded headband and earphones themselves are very comfortable, while the quality sound makes it easy to listen through these. As well as offering a great standard of sound quality, the headphones also fold away, which makes them perfect for traveling, and offers a great balance between the high quality of larger headphones with the flexibility of a headset that is easy to use and pack away.

LSTN’s Charity Work

A very interesting part of the LSTN story is that the headphones that they sell aren’t just great musical products, but the company is also active when it comes to using the profits from their products to help provide hearing services in deprived parts of the world. The company has partnered with the Starkey Foundation, which works in countries such as Peru, Sri Lanka and Uganda, and delivers hearing aids and other solutions to individuals, with LSTN committed to returning hearing to one person for every set of headphones sold. So far they have been able to help over 17,000 people, and this number is rising all the time.

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