Planning A Motorcycling Trip In Thailand

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With spectacular scenery and a population that welcomes tourists into the country, Thailand is certainly somewhere that has been on the radar of many tourists for a long time, and like many parts of South East Asia is a popular place for a motorcycling trip. Rentals in the country are generally quite inexpensive, and if you are heading out to some of the more rural parts of the country it can also be a very interesting way to see the country. However, there are a few things to be aware of when you explore Thailand on two wheels, and here are a few tips to help you plan a successful trip in the country.

Great Places To Explore In Thailand


The Golden Triangle is often considered to be the most popular destination in the country, and this is the same for motorcyclists, with plenty of different sights and some great roads to ride. Those looking to get a bit further off the beaten track will do well to visit the north eastern region of Isaan, which is recognized as a hidden gem in this Thailand travel guide, and is considered by many visitors to be the most interesting part of the country. If you are looking to go beach hopping and spend time relaxing in the sand in between stretches on the bike, then a trip up the Krabi coastline will definitely be a good option. Personally, I think about a two week trip is ideal for exploring Thailand.


Renting A Motorcycle


One of the reasons that exploring the country by motorcycle is so popular is that there are so many bikes available for rent in the country, and the standard 100cc – 125cc version will usually cost less than four dollars a day. These will usually be fairly well used and the rental should also include a helmet, as it is a legal requirement to wear a helmet, although you will often see people riding without it. Some rentals will ask for a deposit or a copy of your passport, but if they actually ask for your passport as a deposit, avoid these unscrupulous merchants as it is sadly not uncommon to hear stories of riders who have to pay for massive repairs to a bike as the renter refused to return their passport.


Arranging Insurance For Your Trip


It is very important that you buy travel insurance when you go traveling in any country, but this is particularly important if you are planning a motorcycling trip, as there are cases of foreign riders that are injured on Thai roads. The best travel insurance policies will have a repatriation facility so that if you are injured, not only are your medical bills covered but you can also be transferred home. While the travel insurance is important, it is worth bearing in mind that motor insurance isn’t usually offered as a part of your rental, so this is something that should be arranged separately, to make sure that you don’t end up having any expensive costs if you are involved in an accident.


Top Tips For Motorcycling In Thailand


While the highlights of travel to Thailand are to be found in the amazing sites and meeting the people of the lovely country, there are plenty of things to bear in mind when you are motorcycling in the country. Make sure that you drive defensively and give yourself time to react, as the rules of the road in the West are not necessarily followed in the same way in Thailand. Also, try to ensure that you park your motorcycle in a secure location, as theft can be common, and the basic do not really have too many security features to stop this from happening.

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