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In the south of Croatia facing on to the Adriatic Ocean, Dubrovnik is a city with a long history, and the view of the fortified walls as you approach the city shows that it has been an important location of power in the area for a long time. There is an awful lot to see in this part of the city, but because of the limited amount of space within the old city walls, most people will need to stay in hotels outside the heart of the city. This is what led me to find out about the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, which is just a short distance from the city center, making it a great base from which to explore Dubrovnik.

The Old City

The most famous and memorable parts of the city are to be seen down near the waterfront, where high stone walls and almost impregnable fortresses continue to keep a watch out over the Adriatic. Having once served as a key defense against raiding forces attacking along the coast, it is now an amazing and well preserved area to explore, and was key in helping the city achieve UNESCO World Heritage Site status. At the heart of the old town is the distinctive clock tower that looks over a nice square, while the Sponza Palace is a Gothic Renaissance gem which is a wonderful place to explore.


The Museums Of Dubrovnik

With such a long history, it is no surprise to find that the city has a wealth of museums to explore, and this is certainly a wonderful place for the history buff. The Maritime Museum is located within the St John Fortress, which is a part of the city’s fortifications, while the more modern military history of the city is found in the Sponza Palace, where the Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders features pictures of all the men who lost their lives defending the city during the Croatian War of Independence. Those looking for a glimpse at the wealth and power of the city should head to the Treasury of the Cathedral where many reliquaries are kept, while the Bukovac House is a more modern museum looking at the work of Vlaho Bukovac, one of the country’s greatest painters.

Relaxing On The Beach

One of the things that many people aren’t aware of when they visit Dubrovnik is that there are actually some popular beaches located along the Adriatic coast, and these offer some great recreation spaces and places to relax. The Banje Beach is the closest to the city, with great views of the Dubrovnik Fortress, while there are also areas for playing beach football, beach volleyball and water polo. A slightly quieter option is the Lapad Beach, which is actually a series of beaches that enjoy some wonderful seafood restaurants looking out over the ocean and some great places to relax.

The Benefits Of Staying At The Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik

This attractive and well furnished hotel is one of the most comfortable in the area, and has taken many of its design cues from the blues and greens of the Adriatic, which can be seen through the window from many rooms. Free high speed internet is a very useful feature for those who are mixing work with pleasure, while the spa and outdoor swimming pools are great for relaxing and for pampering yourself. This is a great hotel with all the comfort that you would expect from an international chain.

As well as offering some great surroundings, the location of the hotel is ideal, and at eleven kilometers from the center it is far enough out of the city to be peaceful and relaxing, while also being easy enough to reach. The seaside retreat has some beautiful views over the ocean and the surrounding area, and has a very soothing atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxed break.


Disclosure: I was a guest of the Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik on this trip.

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  • Barry

    We visited Dubrovnik while on a cruise of the Adriatic in our sailing boat Leesa Christina. We ended up staying in the closest marina and then getting the bus in early in the morning. We found this worked well for us as when we had about had enough exploring for the day that was when Dubrovnik was getting jam packed full of people. Definitely a must see though probably the best walled city I have been in.

    Great stuff barry

  • Arti

    Dubrovnik, seems like a beautiful city – I especially love those cities with an old world feel and which have an ancient history! The hotel looks like a great place to stay at too, nicely reviewed.

  • Escape Hunter

    Dubrovnik is a lovely scenic small city that I should also visit.
    I think it’s one of the most interesting parts of Croatia. And the place that interests me the most.
    Oddly, it’s quite complicated to get in… few flights, no train…
    It’s also quite small in comparison, yet crowds flood it.

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