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Hollywood is an area that is at the heart of the movie culture in Los Angeles, and while it may not have as many production companies based in the district as there once were, it is still where many of the most important events and celebrations take place. The name is known around the world and is widely acknowledged as the home of the entertainment industry in the United States, which has led to the area having a quirky and vibrant atmosphere that is truly in love with showbiz. There are plenty of things to see in this part of LA, and it certainly isn’t a place to be missed if you are heading to this part of the West Coast.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

This two kilometer stretch of pavement runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, and commemorates the achievements of over 2,500 individuals and groups that have contributed to the entertainment industry in the United States. The pink stars are set in black flagstones with gold writing, and their distinctive and memorable shape has an icon depicting one of five categories in which the named individual has succeeded. The first group of inductees were chosen in the mid 1950s, and included influential people such as Cecil B DeMille and Walt Disney, and has been growing ever since.

Walk Of Fame

Photo by Glen Scarborough on Flickr

Hollywood’s Iconic Sign

This series of large white letters that spells out Hollywood is located on a hill overlooking the district, and is such an icon of the area and the movie industry that it is often copied and satirized. But it’s also a site that has stood the test of time. Originally devised as a marketing tool for a housing development called Hollywoodland in 1923, the ‘land’ part of the sign was removed in 1949 when the site was taken over by the local Chamber of Commerce. There are two viewing points from which the sign can be viewed, although there are still people who do travel through the suburbs in which the sign is located to get as close as possible.

Mulholland Drive

Located in the hills above Los Angeles and starting from the Sepulveda Pass area of Hollywood, this two lane road is one of the best known in the United States, and was immortalized in the film of the same name directed by David Lynch. The views back over the city are remarkable, particularly in the evening when the sun is setting, and it is also a good place to enjoy the view of the Hollywood sign. Many of the most expensive and luxurious homes in the country are also located along this road, with several big Hollywood stars owning homes here.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

At the heart of Hollywood Boulevard and the venue for many important movie premieres, this distinctive historic cinema has been entertaining movie fans for nearly 90 years. Many of the stars who have seen their movies playing there have also set their hand prints in concrete blocks that are displayed at the front of the Chinese themed building, while it is also home to the largest IMAX auditorium in the world, and is also the third largest cinema screen in North America.

Grauman's Chinese Theater Panorama

Photo by Samantha Decker on Flickr

The Capitol Records Building

This tower is one of the most memorable and distinctive buildings in Los Angeles, and while the designer chose to use a round shape, it is purely coincidence that the home of Capitol Records bears more than a passing resemblance to a stack of records. On the south wall of the building there is a huge mural that depicts some of the stars that played jazz for the company between the 1940s and 1970s, which is well worth seeing. The flashing light at the top of the building can be seen from many places across the city, and the flashing pattern spells out ‘Hollywood’ in Morse code.

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