The Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills 3

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The Sofitel Los Angeles, located right in the heart of Beverly Hills, is simply a wonderful hotel. Location, service, the restaurant and bar (and great wine, of course), the spa, the rooms… and the pillows. My God, I could have slept for days.

Over the Christmas holidays, I was back in Southern California to visit my family, which lives about two hours south of Los Angeles. I spent about a month at home, which was fabulous, and given the weather at that time of year, has made me look forward to a little ‘home break’ every year at that time more and more as each year goes by.

While I was back this year, there was a Travel Massive meet-up in L.A. Travel Massive is a monthly meeting held in a couple dozen cities around the world, where travel bloggers meet and socialize with travel industry members. I’d taken a few meetings in L.A. about some possible video projects and am friends with a number of bloggers based there, so I decided to head up for a little fun networking.

And the Sofitel was nice enough to put me up for two nights at their hotel, right in the center of things. I didn’t have too much time to put together a lot of L.A. footage to go along with the shoots I took in the hotel, but there are a few quadcopter shots (with some unusually bad Southern California weather making the skies look not-so-awesome).

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3 thoughts on “The Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

  • Renuka

    Beverly Hills is a dream for anybody! My internet connection didn’t allow me to run the whole video, but I loved your description of the hotel. šŸ™‚

  • Amber

    Oh my, I lived for 3 weeks in this hotel about 10 years ago for a trial. Not so great memories of the case (I was a tax attorney at the time, not “on trial”), but the hotel took care of us, including putting lucky bamboo in our rooms at the start of the trial, and often leaving fresh baked cookies and milk in the rooms at night. What memories!

  • Penny

    I hear that most of the great bars in L.A. are in the hotels … did this hold true for the Sofitel in Beverly Hills? I can just imagine hanging out there just to star-spot!

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