Planning Your Perfect Los Angeles Trip

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While New York may be the king of the East Coast, the attractions of Los Angeles are numerous and have helped to make this glamorous city one of the most popular destinations on the West Coast, and even one of the most popular in the world. The home of Hollywood and the movie industry may not produce as many movies within the boundaries of LA these days, but there are still some wonderful studios to explore, and many of the iconic sights that have appeared in films are now popular visitor sights. You can also enjoy some of the best attractions, theme parks and tours in the country, while you can also see that many of the rich and famous from the United States and beyond have homes in this city.

Key Sights To See During Your Visit


While the Hollywood sign in the hills is probably the one sight that people will remember over all others, it actually overlooks the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame which are also worth seeing. The Miracle Mile in the Wilshere district of the city is well worth a visit if you have an interest in architecture, as it has some stunning twentieth century buildings, with many examples of Streamline and Art Deco styles. If relaxing on golden sands or people watching is more your thing, then the boardwalk on Venice Beach is the place for you, with the amusement arcades and the weightlifters at Muscle Beach all a part of the quirky atmosphere there.


Getting Around LA


Los Angeles isn’t the biggest city by population, but it is the low population density that makes this a city where you are more likely to be using public transport than walking everywhere, as it is a city that has spread itself across the surrounding area. There is a good Metrolink system that has a hub in Union Station, with seven separate lines covering much of the city, including Orange County and out to San Bernardino. There are also plenty of buses available serving many areas not covered by the Metrolink, while many people will find that renting a car actually gives them the most freedom. But if you are going to find the hidden gems in Los Angeles, renting a car is the way to go.


Using Tripscan To Plan Your Journey


When it comes to booking your trip to LA, then there are plenty of options available, but one of the most comprehensive tools that you can use is Tripscan, which is a website designed to make finding the different options available easy. This site allows you to view the different routes to your destination, and not only provides flights or bus journeys, but combines the different service transport options available to help you find the cheapest or the quickest journeys available. Included in the website’s service are flights, train journeys, buses and car rental options.


Booking Accommodation In LA


When you are choosing your accommodation, if you are not intending to rent a car, then it is important to look for a location that enjoys good transport links with the rest of the city. You will find your usual range of accommodation available, from some of the world’s most opulent and expensive hotel suites through to budget hostel dorms, but make sure that you search on comparison sites to get the best deals. One interesting option if you would like a quieter base from which to explore the city is to stay in Pasadena, a short trip north of the city.


Tips On Arranging LA Activities


Many people will simply look at the different options available and pay for each activity at the gate, but if you are careful then planning ahead can really help you to save money on your activities. Some of the sites such as Universal Studios and Disneyland can see pre-booked tickets saving a lot of money, or even offering two days for the price of one. Tours of the city are also very interesting, but make sure you find one that will cater to your particular interests, whether you want to see where the celebrities live or you would rather learn more about the history and early development of the city.

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