Planning Your Perfect Trip To India

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This vast nation was once a part of the British Empire, and one of the useful aspects for many visitors to the country is that there is still a reasonable proportion of the population that speaks passable English. The country also has a hugely diverse population and some of the most amazing sights that you will see anywhere in the world. However, with a nation of nearly one billion people, there are also a lot of challenges to overcome when you travel to India, so make sure that you put in the right preparation first.


Booking Flights To India


This is often one of the most expensive parts of the trip, and depending on where you are flying to, you may find direct flights, or in many cases you will need to connect to a domestic flight to get to your desired destination. Flight comparison sites are a good place to start to try and reduce your flight costs, and looking at different routes and traveling at different times of day can throw up some competitive options.


Where In India Should You Travel?


There are different regions to suit every taste in India, and if you enjoy hot weather and beautiful beaches then considering a trip to Goa is a good option. Eastern India has some interesting sights including the dramatic city of Kolkata, while in the north east of the country there are some areas worth visiting such as Nagaland, where the cuisine is unusual and quite tasty. India also has a reasonable stretch of the Himalayas in the north of the country, and this provides a cooler spot for your trip with some amazing mountain scenery.

Taj Mahal

Key Sights To See In India


India is home to some of the most remarkable sights in the world, and probably the most iconic of all is the beautiful Taj Mahal, a marble mausoleum for the wife of the emperor Shah Jahan. Another of the architectural masterpieces is found there is the city of Amritsar, and the Golden Temple is a huge complex that has a significant amount of gold on the domes of the temple. For those with a passion for nature, the Kaziranga National Park is one area where you can still see the Indian single horned rhinoceros.


Package Trip Or Arrange Your Own Trip?


One of the great things about booking a package trip is that the legwork is actually done for you, and this gives you less stress and worry as you prepare for your trip. There are plenty of different companies that arrange these trips, but one of the best options is Southall Travel, which is well established and offers a variety of India holiday packages to cater to each taste.


Getting Around India


India is famous for the huge train network that spans the vast majority of towns and cities across the country. The Indian Railways is the largest government employer in the world, and getting from place to place by train is relatively straightforward, although if you are booking tickets in the lower classes of these trains, you may find out that booked seats are not necessarily a guarantee that you won’t be standing. There are also choices between high speed services and those that call at local stations, with the slower trains generally being the cheaper options, but tending to be more crowded.

Poverty In India

Dealing With Begging And Poverty In India


This is one of the most challenging aspects of visiting India, but most people will find that it is best not to give money to beggars, otherwise you will often find that this attracts more people looking for charity. Generally, if you can say no firmly, making a donation to a local charity will often make a much bigger difference on poverty in the country rather than giving to one individual.

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