Great Ideas To Save Money On Your Round The World Trip

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Anyone who has ever embarked on a round the world trip will tell you that trying to budget for the journey can be a minefield, with some things proving to be infinitely more expensive than you’d expect, and others turning out cheaper. Because this type of travel will also take much longer than the normal vacation, you won’t always end up following that strict schedule you spent so much time planning. A round the world trip is never going to be the cheapest of experiences, but if you do want to stretch your money as far as possible, here are some great ideas to help you get as far as possible with your money.


Finding The Cheapest Methods Of Travel


There is no doubt that during your trip one of the most expensive parts of the journey will be the transport, and there are several options to consider that can help you save money. Most people who do the journey will cover much of the route by air, and while budget airlines may offer some routes inexpensively, many people will find that using round the world tickets will prove to be cheaper than buying individual flights. However, when it comes to domestic transport around the country that you are visiting, try to look for coach trips or other public transport, as taxis and rentals will often prove to be significantly more expensive in the long run.


Chris Smith via Creative Commons at

Chris Smith via Creative Commons at


Spending Your Time In The Least Expensive Countries To Visit


It is a straightforward fact that when it comes to exploring the world, not all countries are created equal, and while you can fly to almost any country with your round the world tickets, your costs once you arrive in the country can vary significantly. South East Asia has long been considered to be on the backpacker trail, because everything from food and drink to transport and activities are all available for competitive prices there, with Cambodia and Laos among the cheapest places in the world to explore. If you are heading to South America, while Bolivia may be off the tourist trail for most people, it is one of the cheapest countries to explore on the continent.


Using Travel Credit Cards Effectively


If you are trying to plan your trip in advance, then one of the best ways to do this is to start thinking about travel credit cards and how they can help you to get a little bit further with your money. The best part is that much of the benefit that you receive will be as a sign up bonus for registering for a card, but you then earn air miles or a similar type of reward which will help to reduce your travel costs. For those who know that they are going to be working to save for a round the world trip for a year or more, putting all spending through on these cards can lead to significant savings during the trip.


Working As You Travel


One of the best ways of saving money as you travel is to work while you are abroad, and certainly in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, there is a strong culture of working as you travel. The opportunities to work can vary from country to country, and while skills like being able to teach English as a foreign language can be useful, in other cases it can be much simpler work. If you are going to be staying in hostels as you travel, it is also worth checking if hostels are looking for staff, as many will offer bed and board for a few hours work if you are staying in one place for more than a day or two.

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