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Go See Write is excited to introduce our newest contributing writer, Lavi Nair from Lavi was here!

Travel has always been a part of my life. I traveled with my parents as a kid; we went to India and visited some parts of the U.S and Europe.

Then I grew up, and life began revolving around jobs that barely left me enough time to attend yoga class down the street, let alone travel internationally.

I’m not exactly sure what ignited the fire in me to start traveling, but once I did, I developed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world. I haven’t been able to shake it ever since. After my first few solo trips, I made the executive decision to quit my job and travel. The 1.5 years since then has been a whirlwind full of the most enriching experiences I never expected to happen to me.

Every trip I’ve ever been on has included life lessons about how to be a better human and propelled me further into my quest to traverse the globe.

1. Hang gliding in Rio

Hang gliding in Rio

I went hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro on my first solo trip. I heard people talking about it and immediately decided that I had to do it. The first of many impulse decisions I’ve made while traveling that have resulted in some of my most favorite memories. Hang gliding taught me to let go of my inhibitions and give in to the unknown when I have no control over a situation. I let the wind and the instructor guide me over the forest and back to the beach. I learned that some of the best things could happen if I loosen the reins on my life.

2. Caring for elephants

Elephant Nature Park

Like everyone else who goes to northern Thailand, I visited an elephant sanctuary. Here is where I learned to be compassionate toward all living things. I’ve always loved elephants, but bathing, feeding, and playing with them made me feel a special connection to animals I’d never experienced before.

3. Heartbroken in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Genocide Museum

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I learned that while travel expands your horizons, it can also break your heart. Learning about the inhumane treatment of Cambodians at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum during the Khmer Rouge regime taught me that not every travel destination has a happy history to learn about, but it doesn’t mean a place with a harsh past isn’t worth visiting. We don’t learn everything about the world in school. There’s more knowledge to be gained.

4. Conquering a mountain

Bali Sunrise Hike

Under a full moon in the dead of night, I hiked to the top of Mt. Batur in Bali to watch the sunrise. The night sky was the most clear and beautiful I’ve ever seen – and the sunrise was even better. The hike was tough at some points, but racing to the top just moments before the sun made its first appearance of the day was such a rewarding feeling. On the hike I learned that life’s path isn’t always easy to follow, but believing in the good that is to come in the future makes the bumps and bruises worth it in the end.

5. Camping in the Sahara

Sahara Desert

I went on a Sahara Desert tour in Morocco, one of my favorite countries. I spent the night eating traditional Berber food, listening to folk songs, and fell asleep in a tent beneath a sea of stars. Waking up and looking out at the vast desert in front of me, I realized just how small I am in this big world. My problems are miniscule in comparison to what is happening in far corners of this earth. It’s important to put everything into perspective once in awhile. I am 100% fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have in my 27 years of existence.


I was never going to be the CEO at my old jobs, but now I’m the CWO (Chief Wanderlust Officer) of my life. I’ve learned more life lessons than I would at any other job, and I don’t think I’ll be quitting anytime soon.

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About Lavi Nair

Lavi Nair quit her corporate finance job in NYC to pursue travel blogging and world wandering in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since! A lover of street food, craft beer, and all things adventure, you can find her chasing wanderlust across the globe and blogging about it at Lavi was here. Take a peek at her favorite photos on Instagram and read what inspires her on Facebook.

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    Those look like some amazing experiences! I’m heading to the Elephant Park – the good, responsible one! – in about 10 days’ time and I can’t wait!

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    SAHARA desert is the place for holly adventurers. Great to know you did camping in that desert. And badly wishing to camping there.

    Don’t know what will happen. Thanks for sharing this post dear, Lavi.

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